Barco India expands: Launches Innovative XDM and XDX laser Projectors


Barco India has launched two new generation RGB laser projectors designed to enable impactful experiences in the entertainment and theme park industry. The XDM and XDX projectors exceed industry standards and offer stunning Rec. 2020 colors, native 4K resolution and remarkable performances.

Leveraging the strengths of Barco’s market-leading cinema projectors, the innovative XDM and XDX projectors offer advanced colour performances and Hollywood-worthy visuals to theme parks and other entertainment venues. The RGB laser light source enables a wider color gamut, making the latest additions to the portfolio ideally suited to those applications where exceptional image fidelity and extra color punch is needed to showcase the specialized Rec. 2020 content. The projectors also make full use of the evolving standards around the popular High Frame Rate (HFR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR). With Barco’s patent pending ColorgenicTM technique, the XDM and XDX maintain their high brightness levels even when depicting Rec. 2020 content.

“Barco is the global visualization expert in both the cinema and live events industry and our new XDM and XDX projectors are built with the accumulated know-how of the demanding performance and service criteria for both these verticals. The innovative RGB projectors keep in mind the priorities of location-based entertainment venue owners and operators while also ensuring splendid visuals for the audience,” said Rajiv Bhalla, Managing Director, Barco India, adding, “Reiterating Barco’s focus on sustainability, the projectors feature durable designs, smart material choices and industry-leading energy efficiency, resulting in an A-score within the Barco Eco Product label, based on our ISO14021 compliant eco-scoring methodology.”

The new RGB projectors provide unequalled consistency and accuracy over a long period of time with minimal maintenance interventions, making the XDM and XDX a smart investment. The choice of high-quality components and superior chassis design, including optimized cooling, ensures that a laser lifetime of up to 40,000 hours can be achieved. Sealed optics and complete next-level modularity, even down to the individual laser plates within the light source itself, enable unrivaled projector uptime.

In line with the other RGB projectors in Barco’s portfolio, the XDM and XDX can be managed through Barco’s cloud-based Projector Management Platform, ensuring remote health condition monitoring, targeting 24/7 uptime and increasing the reliability of the installation. The XDM and XDX are engineered with a flexibility that supports an improved ROI. They offer a wide range of lens options including a total of fourteen high-brightness and five high-contrast variants with ratios ranging from an ultra-short throw 0.38:1 to a long throw 11:1.

In the past, Barco projectors have been game-changers in the laser projection world, enabling cinemas, event organizers and museum owners to make the impossible possible. In India, the Entertainment segment is one of Barco’s major focus areas and the new XDM and XDX will continue that tradition, enhancing audience experiences at planetariums, dark rides and immersive destinations of all kinds.

As a broad visualization solution supplier, Barco offers rear-projection, LCD and LED indoor video walls, allowing to optimize the visualization outcome – depending on the specific application and customer needs. For mission-critical control rooms, rear-projection remains a key visualization technology especially for mid- to large-size control rooms, that work with dashboards and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) content typically within the utilities and rail transportation markets.


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