Beetel Teletech join forces with Utimaco


Beetel Teletech Limited announced its new distribution partnership with Utimaco. The deal authorizes Beetel to manage the circulation of the next-generation Hardware Security Module (HSM) platform to its customers. The partnership aims to address the growing challenges in the cybersecurity sphere by helping secure private and sensitive data from theft and abuse for its customers.

“We are delighted about this alliance with Utimaco and are well equipped to take their leading Hardware Security Module solutions and Public Key Infrastructure solutions to our customers,” said Ms. Sapna Gupta, Business Unit Head-Enterprise, Beetel Teletech Limited. “With HSM and PKI solutions by our side, we will be able to provide a high-security environment to the valuable assets in the customer’s organizations. The four different modules will not only help enterprises secure their storage data but will also help secure the organization’s payment ecosystem. We are confident that these modules will maintain the security and central management of the systems for our customers from the rising cyber threats and frauds. We believe this relationship is an important step as we leap forward for our business growth in the cybersecurity realm.”

Commenting on this partnership, Mr. Deval Sheth, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Utimaco said, “We are delighted to welcome Beetel as our authorized distributor in India. With Beetel’s domain expertise, strong network, and proven track record, we are confident they would emerge as a valuable partner to Utimaco. With growing cyber security threats globally, we will work closely with Beetel to counter the cybersecurity challenges to our customers in India.”


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