BeyondSkool targets growth to bridge the gap left by traditional schooling


Edtech startup BeyondSkool is looking at a 100X growth in the year 2021 in terms of student enrolment on its platform. After starting its commercial launch in January 2021, the Mumbai based company has also clocked 3X month on month growth.

As many as 500 students have joined the platform ever since its inception with 4,00,000 minutes of learning being imparted every month. BeyondSkool is  building a robust educator network with close to 120 teachers and adding more than 15 educators every day to cater to the increase in the base.

Starting from Mumbai, the company has quickly moved not only to other metros but has also started getting traction from Tier one and Tier two cities across the country, to name a few Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Indore, Bhopal and Coimbatore. Students from international locations like Singapore and the UAE, Nigeria, Doha, Australia and USA also part of the platform have also shown interest in joining the platform.

Talking about the platform’s robust growth,  Payal Gaba, Founder and CEO BeyondSkool said, “Given our product offering which forms an essential part of each child’s education to bridge the gaps left by traditional schooling, we see every child studying the national boards, as our target consumer. Though we are currently focusing on getting maximum students from top 20 Indian cities but soon we will be moving to Tier two and Tier three cities as well in the months to come.”

Gaba added, “We offer one of the kind IQ+CQ+EQ integrated programme which goes beyond tutoring school subjects into teaching application based subjects like STEM, Logimath, Appliedmath and leadership communication which not only makes school learning stronger but also builds skills of creativity, critical thinking, logic and communication in children; all vital for life success. This single programme covers multiple skills and is a one stop solution for parents who are looking for holistic programmes beyond what is being covered in school.” 


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