Blue Prism leads cybersecurity intelligent automation across entire workforce


Blue Prism is forging ahead as a world leader in cybersecurity automation due to its robust security and governance credentials and its expansive ecosystem of complementary technologies.

Blue Prism has always made security a key imperative in its intelligent automation technology, with a long list of Forbes Global 2,000 and public sector organisations and banking institutions, such as Banco Santander, Western Union, and the National University Health System (NUHS) in Singapore, requiring strict adherence to the highest compliance and security standards.

As adoption of software robots accelerates in government, health and financial services organisations, ensuring the security of all workers, whether human or digital, is imperative. The first step of deploying a secure digital workforce is to apply the same rigorous security controls that are typically only applied to human workers. Through the Blue Prism Technology Alliance Program (TAP), Blue Prism is integrating with best-of-breed tools to simplify the control of identity management and credentials, secure access privileges to accounts and confidential business data, and provide a complete audit trail for digital robots.

“Cybersecurity has always been of paramount concern for organisations, but nevertheless so many have found the substantial detriments to their business when internal controls are found to be lax. Hybrid working has only exacerbated the problem for CIOs. With built-in security credentials, our centralised, data-centre-hosted solutions are trusted to operate in the most regulated environments. Encryption, authentication, fine-grained access controls, and non-repudiable audit are some of the many security implementations to ensure thorough protection across all deployments. Our partner network plays an important role in enabling us to continuously support organisations with cybersecurity automation,” says Dan Ternes, Chief Technology Officer, APAC, Blue Prism.

A joint solution with Blue Prism, SailPoint Identity Platform, centrally manages access to data, applications, and hard to reach legacy systems. SailPoint enables organisations to discover, secure, and manage every type of identity – whether human or non-human – with appropriate access credentials that meet segregation of duties (SOD) policies. The control panel makes the identity available for lifecycle management, access requests, certification, and policy enforcement. Cybersecurity and Compliance users can quickly and securely add and remove Blue Prism credential access, allowing for monitoring and auditing the digital workforce with ease.

“Security needs to keep up with the evolving nature of today’s workforce, ensuring that all identities have the right access to the right technology at the right time—no more and no less,” says Harry Gould, SVP of worldwide partners, SailPoint. “SailPoint and Blue Prism’s joint offerings mean that enterprises can enjoy the benefits of automation while remaining secure. As a result, our customers can streamline manual tasks with peace of mind.”

“With help from our partners, we’re automating the management, provisioning and securing of digital identities, making it possible to safely and efficiently control user access to all applications and data — in the cloud, SaaS, and on-premises,” says Bruce Mazza, senior vice president of technology alliances for Blue Prism. “Together, we’re ensuring businesses stay secure and compliant with an intelligent digital workforce that executes and initiates systems-based tasks like a human, securely and at scale.

If you’re a business looking for enterprise-grade intelligent automation solutions which strictly adhere to the highest compliance and security standards, contact us to find out more about how Blue Prism and its TAP partners can help you on your journey


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