Businesses observe uptick in productivity, ranges from 19% to 27%, as a result of work from anywhere culture


The Covid-19 caused pandemic has left an indelible impact on the way we live and work, making 2020 a year unlike any other. Remote jobs, flexible work hours, and increased learning and upskilling have now been part of the evolving workplace community.

Remote working is gradually becoming widespread and has become a new normal. Three-quarters of companies expect at least 40 per cent of their workers to work remotely, and more than a quarter expect more than 60 per cent of their employees to work remotely. Remote work structures are expected to perform well as they have resulted in increased flexibility and reduced costs. Employee morale has also been increased as a result of shorter commuting times and the use of virtual communication software.

Seven out of 10 businesses saw an increase in productivity ranging from 19 per cent to 27 per cent as a result of work from any culture. But due to the growing trend of remote culture, companies have faced issues like cyber threats, cyberloafing, idle hours. To overcome such difficulties, Employee monitoring software demand has seen an upsurge. Organisations make use of such tools to keep track of their employee activities. Employee monitoring tools like EmpMonitor have proved to establish an efficient remote workspace.

“Businesses are forced to adapt the way we operate as a result of Covid-19, which has sparked a massive transition toward remote working that is likely to continue. The companies must come together to build future-proof workforce plans and should adopt tools and technologies to streamline the workflow and maintain productivity,” said Dr. Deepa Kotwani Ghosh, CEO, EmpMonitor.


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