C3 AI and NCS partner to deliver enterprise AI applications across Asia-Pacific


C3 AI, the enterprise AI application software company, and NCS, a leading technology services provider and member of the Singtel Group, has announced a strategic partnership focused on delivering enterprise AI solutions to clients in Southeast Asia (SEA) and Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) across multiple industries, including telecommunications, government, financial services, transportation and more.

This agreement represents C3 AI’s first strategic partnership with a telecommunications group. As part of this collaboration, NCS will leverage its deep domain experience and technology expertise in serving governments and businesses in SEA and ANZ, investing up to US$ 10 million to develop and deploy enterprise AI applications created on the C3 AI Suite. C3 AI’s solutions will also be deployed across Singtel, Optus, and other affiliated telecommunications networks to bring the advantages of enterprise AI to their operations and clients.

 “Our partnership with C3 AI reaffirms NCS’s commitment to build a strong digital partner ecosystem that provides our clients access to world-leading technologies and enterprise solutions. We believe that the wave of enterprise-grade AI solutions has arrived and are excited to work with our clients to build the next generation of digital applications with enterprise AI embedded. We look forward to playing our part to unleash the transformative power of enterprise AI across governments and enterprises in Asia-Pacific,” said NCS CEO Ng Kuo Pin.

In its 2021 Global CIO Agenda survey, Gartner found that SEA and ANZ were among the fastest-growing regions in the world to apply digitalisation to optimise enterprise processes. In addition, CIOs in these regions identified Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning as a game-changing technology. To capitalise on this trend, C3 AI and NCS will establish a Centre of Excellence together to jointly explore new solutions that will accelerate the adoption of enterprise AI and develop custom-built offerings tailored to the business requirements of the Asia-Pacific market.

“Our Centre of Excellence will bring together experts from C3 AI and NCS to carefully study and respond to the specific needs of organisations and industries in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. This will allow us to better serve customers in SEA and ANZ and provide them with the enterprise AI solutions they require to achieve their digital transformation objectives,” said General Manager, Industries and Alliances, C3 AI Gene Reznik.  

“Singtel and NCS are clear leaders in the deployment and implementation of telecommunication and cloud solutions, and we are incredibly excited to be joining forces with such a respected and forward-looking partner. NCS’ focus on digital transformation will help drive enterprise AI in Asia-Pacific, especially in the telecommunications industry, on a massive scale,” said Thomas M. Siebel, Chairman and CEO, C3 AI.



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