Capgemini announces that Microsoft Azure Private 5G Core will be integrated with the private network solutions


Capgemini announced that Microsoft’s Azure Private 5G Core network services will be integrated in the 5G private network solutions based on products from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc, designed to boost 5G-enabled digital transformation across industries. To accelerate and ease the deployment of end-to-end 5G private network deployments for enterprises, Capgemini is developing use cases for key industries in its 5G Lab in Portugal – including immersive remote assistance and collaboration, enhanced support and cloud rendering for Industry 4.0 – leveraging Capgemini’s 5G multi-access edge computing (MEC) platform solution (ENSCONCE).

While planning to build their own private 5G networks, enterprises are requiring outcome-based services and innovation at scale for their digital transformation journey. Each will be key to take advantage of the unique features of 5G such as reliability, superior capacity, low-latency, and better coverage.

By integrating the Azure Private 5G Core with Qualcomm Technologies’ advanced 5G technologies and Capgemini MEC platform, the solutions developed by Capgemini are intended to bring the end-to-end infrastructure as well as the cloud native services needed to ease the rapid deployment of 5G private networks across industries and integrate 5G with enterprises’ existing infrastructure and technologies.

Solutions and system integration services will be validated in Capgemini’s 5G Lab in Portugal, focused on end-to-end network capabilities and services. The Lab provides prototyping, design, development, testing, and validation environments for new 5G virtualized network design and deployments. In addition, it offers a demonstration platform ecosystem that simulates operational scenarios and showcases solutions for proofs of concepts, pilots and 5G-ready industry cloud native use cases, such as augmented reality, AI, remote maintenance, automated guided vehicles, and drones for port operations.

Capgemini brings holistic engineering and integration services to enable optimized performance and ease of use. With deep sector expertise, industry leading engineering skills and assets including an advanced platform and microservices library for edge computing and diverse Cloud, Data & AI capabilities, Capgemini will be creating industry specific solutions based on tested reference architectures to drive efficiencies, innovation, and operational excellence across industrial environments.

“The integration of Microsoft’s Azure Private 5G Core in the Qualcomm Technologies based solution that we are developing, will enable clients to boost and simplify further their 5G-enabled digital transformation across key industries. Capgemini combines deep industry expertise and a cloud native MEC platform integrated with microservices framework to accelerate the integration and launch of 5G private networks and 5G transformative use cases in client specific operational environments. Our aim is to help enterprises drive innovation at scale and achieve operational excellence to build a future-ready connected business of tomorrow,’’ says Fotis Karonis, Group Leader 5G & Edge, Capgemini.

“We are excited to see the Azure Private 5G Core being integrated to the solutions developed with Capgemini. Our work with Capgemini on 5G private networks combines Qualcomm’s Private Networks RAN Automation, ecosystem of 5G RAN Platforms for small cells, and Snapdragon based 5G devices and gateways, with Capgemini digital transformation and system integration expertise. By Capgemini incorporating the Azure Private 5G Core product offering and leveraging the hyperscaling capabilities Azure offers, we will be able to further enhance our 5G private networks system,” says Enrico Salvatori, senior vice president and president, Qualcomm Europe/MEA, Qualcomm Europe, Inc.

“By combining Capgemini’s strong industry expertise and managed services with the Azure Private 5G Core and our transformative AI and IoT technologies, our enterprise customers can quickly realize their business objectives,” said Tad Brockway, Corporate VP Azure for Operators at Microsoft. “We are excited to build upon the global success we have already seen with Capgemini to empower industries and organizations to achieve more.”


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