Check Point acquires Odo Security


Check Point Software Technologies has acquired a new cloud-based technology that delivers secure remote access created by Odo Security. This technology will integrate with Check Point’s Infinity architecture threat prevention capabilities and provide the easiest and most secure solution to address the growing needs that enterprises have to enable secure remote access for their employees to any application.

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven enterprise adoption of mass remote working for their global workforces, from 30% before the pandemic to 81% today. Seventy-four percent plan to enable large-scale remote working permanently.  However, many organizations overlooked critical aspects of security in the race to enable remote working, which significantly increased their exposure to cyber-attacks. Now more than ever, organizations need to secure remote connectivity anytime, anywhere to any resource.

“Many organizations find themselves compromising security in order to deliver the connectivity required by their business needs.” Dr. Dorit Dor, Check Point’s VP Products “By incorporating Odo Security’s unique clientless, cloud-delivered secure remote access to our portfolio of threat prevention services, we help organizations overcome this dilemma. Check Point delivers a consolidated solution to help organizations to securely connect any number of remote employees to everything, from any location, making working from home easier and safer than ever”.

Odo Security, an Israeli start-up, developed a cloud-based, clientless Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technology that delivers secure remote access. Unlike traditional secure remote access solutions, this technology enables:

Users to easily connect through a unified portal to a wide range of applications, such as remote desktops, web applications, database servers, cloud and corporate servers, with no client or software installation
Security administrators to easily deploy the solution in less than five minutes from the cloud. They also gain enhanced visibility including full audit trail of user activity
Zero Trust Architecture to define granular access policy to give the right people in the right context, the least privileged access to applications and reduce the attack surface.

Check Point will integrate Odo Security’s technology into its Infinity architecture and SASE vision. This consolidated solution will deliver the easiest secure remote access with unmatched security, based on NSS top-rated threat prevention security services. The transaction is expected to be closed within a week.


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