Cisco Unveils New Innovations on the Cisco Observability Platform


Cisco announced a series of exciting new solutions – enriched by business context – on the Cisco Observability Platform. With applications acting as the front door for nearly every business – and delivering a flawless application experience a top priority for IT teams – the latest enhancements will help customers deliver secure and performant user and application experience.

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) for greater visibility and insight into user behaviour

With application experience expectations at an all-time high, technologists can now leverage new Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) capabilities for both hybrid and cloud environments. The new DEM application includes Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Session Replay modules for deep insights into browser and mobile applications performance and efficient resolution of session-level issues. In addition, integrations with Cisco ThousandEyes and Cisco Accedian empower applications and network teams with the insights into service delivery required to identify whether the root cause of impacted digital experience is the application, network or cloud infrastructure.

Observability for Kubernetes workloads, powered by extended Berkeley Packet Filters (eBPF) technology

Cisco offers observability for Kubernetes workloads on the Cisco Observability Platform, using the powerful, lightweight Linux kernel utility, extended Berkeley Packet Filters (eBPF). Operating at the kernel level allows operators access to granular visibility into network activity, resource utilisation, application dependencies and misconfigurations impacting network performance, without the need for multiple tools, cross-team collaboration and manual dependency mapping.

Unified Observability Experience for increased application insights

Cisco is delivering a unified experience across its observability portfolio, with new capabilities across Cisco AppDynamics and the Cisco Observability Platform. Using a single account and shared context, the unified observability experience arms operators with capabilities including Log Analytics, to search with context and improved log storage; and Core Web Vitals, providing front-end application owners the golden signals to keep their web pages from being deranked for poor user experience.

Natural Language Interface, powered by Generative AI

As part of Cisco’s continued expansion in innovations powered by Generative AI, the Cisco Observability Platform now offers a natural language interface for troubleshooting. Operators can use conversational dialogues instead of a structured query language to perform common tasks during troubleshooting, thereby increasing productivity.

“These latest innovations further boost the core capabilities of the Cisco Observability Platform, empowering our customers with better visibility, insights and actions across domains than ever before,” said Ronak Desai, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cisco AppDynamics and Full-Stack Observability. “Cisco is uniquely positioned to deliver all the benefits of observability in a unified platform to support our customers’ digital ecosystems.”

In addition, Cisco is announcing:

Cisco AIOps for Cisco Full-Stack Observability for actionable insights that improve IT operations

The new Cisco AIOps application simplifies real-time business health monitoring and significantly reduces noise from events and alerts to automate IT processes and keep operations teams productive and responsive. The application unifies data from Cisco AppDynamics, Cisco ThousandEyes, Cisco DNA Center, VMWare, Zabbix and ServiceNow (ITSM, ITOM and CMDB). It is uniquely positioned having been built on the Cisco Observability Platform, which supports logs in addition to alerts, events and metrics. It also provides dynamic thresholds-based alerting on metrics and events and multiple anomaly-detection approaches.

Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) Observability

The introduction of Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) Observability to Cisco’s Business Risk Observability solution delivers real-time and automated data discovery, classification, policy definition and compliance visibility for sensitive data, in addition to visualizing and prioritising attack surface.

New Partner Modules

Continuing the momentum of creating an observability ecosystem with its global partners across categories including AIOps, MLOps, networking, infrastructure observability and business insights, Cisco unveiled a series of new partner modules on the Cisco Observability Platform:

  • Aporia – Machine Learning Monitoring.
  • CloudFabrix – Asset Intelligence, Operational Intelligence and Infrastructure Observability.
  • Komodor – Kubernetes Change Management.
  • Perform IT – AS400 Monitoring and I4Cube business performance.
  • SoftServe – Operational Intelligence for Oilfields.



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