Citrix celebrates 30 years of Innovation


Workspace solutions provider Citrix celebrates 30 years of presence in the industry. Over the last three decades, Citrix has remained relevant to customers and innovated technology to drive the future of work.

1989, Citrix was founded by three entrepreneurs with a far-reaching dream. That dream was to invent technologies that would give people the freedom to work the way they wanted. Since the start, we have believed that work is not simply a place, and that our inventions could empower people, by allowing them to choose how, where and when they work. Citrix originally started out developing remote access tools for hardware running exclusively on Windows. Over the years it expanded it’s reach to server markets and desktop virtualization, becoming a leader in the space with continued acquisitions, expanding its customer base in the process. Today, Citrix has forayed into the larger bracket of digital workspaces with offerings not only in virtualization and networking, but also in cloud, content collaboration, workspace suites and analytics.

“Over the last 30 years, we have been developing a strong partner ecosystem, and have been committed to helping customers in their transformation journey. Digital workspaces that 30 years ago, when the PC was only a mere seven years old, seemed to be an alien concept are now a norm for organizations across the globe, and Citrix has been instrumental in delivering this reality. This anniversary is an opportunity for us to celebrate as a company, to recognize our spirit of revolutionizing technology and our desire to empower people with the flexibility of working anytime, anywhere. In the years to come, we look forward to closely working with partners, customers and our employees to taking this to the next stage of growth.” said Ravindra Kelkar, Area VP, Sales & Services, India Sub-continent, Citrix.

Ultimately, the value of technology can only be measured by how it benefits people. That’s why we believe putting people at the center of IT is fundamental to our success and to yours. No matter what form devices take, how rich applications become, or over what networks information travels, it starts and ends with people—connecting them to what they need to do and what they need to achieve.





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