Citrix launches App Delivery and Security Service


Citrix Systems, Inc. announced the launch of Citrix App Delivery and Security Service, a new, intent-based cloud solution that automates the process in real-time. Citrix App Delivery and Security service removes the complexity from every step of app delivery, including provisioning, securing, on-boarding, and management, empowering IT to deliver a superior experience that keeps users engaged and productive.

“Application experience is the new currency for IT,” said Rohit Mehra, Group Vice President, Network and Telecom Infrastructure at independent analyst firm IDC. “Organizations that deliver a secure, reliable one can drive competitive advantage and workforce productivity, but to do so requires a new approach and app delivery system that can self-detect issues and automatically correct for them.”

Always Learning. Always Adapting. Always Protecting.

Citrix App Delivery and Security Service is uniquely designed to help IT transform app delivery from a slow, manual process based largely on guesswork into an efficient, automated one driven by intent so they can gain the agility needed to keep pace with the business and deliver meaningful outcomes. Among the key features of the solution:

  • Intent-based – Automatically translates business and technical intent into application delivery and security policies and configurations. Administrators can, for instance, define a maximum acceptable application latency threshold for a region, and servers and systems will adjust to keep app delivery within the parameters.
  • Self-Healing and Continuously Optimizing – Auto-detects and corrects application delivery issues like performance degradation, new demands and outages. When a slow server is uncovered, it can be automatically removed from the load balancing pool.
    Internet-State Aware – Collects and analyzes 10 billion data points a day from more than one billion users across 50,000 networks in 200 countries to provide real-time visibility into state of the Internet through Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management™. Armed with this data, IT can optimize the application experience for individual users and prescribe the best locations for additional hosting sites if traffic increases to maintain service levels.
  • Integrated App and API Security- Integrated web application firewall, Bot management and API protection fuels holistic protection of most valuable and vulnerable assets.
    “Citrix App Delivery and Security Service is going be a game changer for SAAS and microservices,” said Geoffrey Knaak, Technical Manager, Senior Systems Administrator, Aria Systems, Inc. “It has the perfect mix of customizability and built-in intelligence that will allow enterprises to deploy their revenue generating apps quickly and securely without sacrificing the functionality that their customers depend on.”Citrix Application Delivery and Security Service will be generally available in the fourth quarter of 2021.


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