Cloudera launches all-in-one Data lakehouse cloud service


Cloudera, the hybrid data company,  announced the launch of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) One, an all-in-one data lakehouse software as a service (SaaS) offering that enables fast and easy self-service analytics and exploratory data science on any type of data. A simple yet powerful cloud service, only CDP One has built-in enterprise security and machine learning (ML) that requires zero cloud, security or monitoring operations staff for lower TCO and reduced risk. Designed to make both data practitioners and expert developers more productive, companies can now achieve faster time to business insight to drive innovation and stay ahead of the competition.

Unlike other solutions that solve only part of the problem or lock users into a limited number of analytic tools, CDP One:

  • Is the first data lakehouse SaaS offering with cloud compute, cloud storage, ML, streaming analytics and enterprise grade security built-in.
  • Provides Zero Ops functionality that enables fast and easy self-service analytics on any type of data without the need for specialized ops or cloud expertise.
  • Is built with the same Cloudera technology that was rated better for analytic and operational use cases by leading industry analysts than the point product vendors or point services from hyperscalers.
  • Reduces overall TCO by 20 to 35% when including initial set up and operations of platform ops, sec ops and support, versus DIY cloud solutions.

According to Ventana research, almost three-quarters of organizations continue to run analytics and data workloads on premises. Security, a lack of skills and resources, and regulatory challenges are the primary reasons why organizations do not plan to use cloud computing for analytics and data.

As the first all-in-one data lakehouse SaaS offering, CDP One makes it faster, easier and less risky for businesses to make their move to the cloud and migrate existing workloads to a modern data architecture. Everyone from novice data practitioners to skilled developers can now take advantage of low-code tools, streaming data analytics and ML to perform ad-hoc, and highly customizable analysis across the full data lifecycle via one secure, centralized data platform.

“Empowering everyone in your business to get the real-time insights they need to make the right decisions requires building a truly modern data architecture in the cloud,” said Ram Venkatesh, chief technology officer at Cloudera. “Many businesses don’t have the resources, time or expertise to make this transformation happen. Cloudera’s latest cloud innovation, CDP One, joins our family of CDP cloud data services to completely alter the equation, shaving months or even years from implementation timelines and providing comprehensive data security.”

“The Asia Pacific region is a non-homogenous region, with varying segments and disparate business and institutional environments. This makes it challenging for any global business navigating security and regulatory challenges to juggle digital transformation initiatives and building business resilience. We are also facing a tech talent crunch, making it difficult to hire talent with the right resources. Finding new and innovative ways to address these challenges is top of the agenda,”  said Remus Lim, Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan, Cloudera. “CDP One offers APAC businesses a secure, centralized data platform that eliminates data silos and drives operational and cost efficiencies. With faster time to insights, businesses can be better informed as they navigate this rapidly changing environment, tackle the talent crunch and combat the adverse effects of stagflation.”

 “The Indian SaaS market is projected to be valued at $50 billion by 2030, and it is crucial for solutions providers to consistently innovate and upgrade their existing offerings”, said Vinod Ganesan, Regional Vice President India and South Asia, Cloudera India. “At Cloudera, we have heard our customers’ needs, and we are glad to be introducing the all-in-one data lake-house CDP One to our Indian market, which will enable faster and more cost-effective data analytics for our customers. We’ve always been committed to enhancing our solutions to meet our customers’ evolving requirements and the introduction of the CDP One is a testament to this.”

Analyst, Partner and Customer Quotes 

One of these companies was business travel management company CWT.  “We needed to build a data lakehouse to enable more users to run analytics on their complex and sensitive data, but didn’t have the right expertise to manage it, or time to hire additional resources,” said Gordon Coale, Senior Director, Enterprise Architect for Data at CWT. “CDP One was truly the right solution at the right time, rapidly delivering secure and compliant global data science and advanced analytics. CDP One was ready to accept data in just two days, and some use cases went into production in just four weeks. And we did not need any new staff to make this happen.”

“With the proliferation of data across many sources (both internal and external), organizations are struggling with information overload which inhibits them from effectively leveraging the value that Big Data Analytics (BDA) can offer. In most cases, only the larger enterprises have the resources to develop and build the data models with the right information to improve decision-making. An all-in-one data cloud solution like CDP One can cater to a broad spectrum of industry verticals and business processes with a zero ops data lakehouse and report catalog available out of the box. Such a solution will address the skill gaps in the region to scale the adoption and reach of BDA, democratizing AI/ML application development across the bigger data organization beyond just the data scientist and engineering community, ” said William Lee, Research Director,  Cloud and Datacenter Research, IDC Asia/Pacific

The launch of CDP One continues a long standing and strategic relationship with Cloudera ISV partner Talend and its joint mission to make customers successful on their journey to becoming data driven companies. “The huge volume of data spread across multiple cloud environments and on-premises locations makes it extremely difficult for businesses to ensure high-quality, well-governed data management processes,” said Rolf Heimes, VP Global Channel & Alliances at Talend. “With the combination of Talend’s easy-to-use data management technologies with Cloudera’s powerful data and analytics service, we’re making it easier for our joint customers to use healthy data to drive business outcomes and accelerate their journey to the cloud.”


Our newest public cloud innovation, CDP One is now available to customers that sign up and will be widely available later this year.


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