Coforge extends its partnership with Cisco AppDynamics


Coforge Limited announced the extension of its partnership with Cisco AppDynamics, the leading full-stack, business-centric observability platform. This strengthened collaboration will see the launch of a new Performance Monitoring-as-a-Service (PMaaS) offering for business-critical applications. The PMaaS will initially focus on supporting Pega, a business decision making software provider.

Today’s enterprises are an amalgamation of legacy, third-party, and in-house applications. Acquired or developed over time, the IT landscape of enterprises is a complex, heterogeneous, and always available application environment. Pega crushes some of these complexities and helps enterprises to anticipate change, quickly adapt to customer needs, connect customers to the right people and systems, and deliver the best-in-class digital experience. Pega is increasingly becoming an integral part of an organisation’s ability to build ‘always on’ intelligent business processes. With multiple digital transformation projects operating at one time, organisations are looking for a central view of infrastructure performance across the operation.

Coforge in partnership with AppDynamics, will offer PMaaS to provide customers with a unified interface that incorporates the Pega environment into an organisation’s entire infrastructure management view. The offering correlates business KPIs with application and infrastructure performance to deliver a superior end-user experience. This solution will help customers to proactively monitor and identify anomalies that would negatively affect an application’s performance. PMaaS offers a unique combination of best-in-class Pega deployment expertise from Coforge with AppDynamics’ industry-leading application performance monitoring and observability platform.

Extending Pega capabilities, the new services will include technical consulting, solution deployment, dashboard integration, performance monitoring and tool management. The platform offers a business aligned monitoring approach, complete visibility in business workflows, adherence to all Service Level Agreements (SLAs), reduction in mean time to recovery (MTTR) and identifying third party impact on the platform. Coforge has a team of trained and certified professionals who work closely with customers to understand the business requirements and provide tailor-made solutions. The team correlates with business performance KPIs of customers to improve business continuity and provide an enhanced end-user experience.


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