CrowdStrike launches Falcon Fund II to invest in cybersecurity and technology trailblazers


CrowdStrike Holdings announced the launch of Falcon Fund II, a $100 million investment vehicle in partnership with Accel focused on cross-stage private investments within cybersecurity and relevant adjacent markets. Five times the size of the initial Falcon Fund, Falcon Fund II represents CrowdStrike’s commitment to growing the cybersecurity technology ecosystem across adjacent markets as one of the largest strategic venture arms in cybersecurity.

CrowdStrike’s Falcon Fund II will build on the success of the original Falcon Fund, which has made investments in companies like Corelight, Cribl, JumpCloud and Tines in 2021. Falcon Fund II will continue to broaden CrowdStrike’s ecosystem of meaningful technology partnerships, including new vendors for the CrowdStrike Store.

“Falcon Fund II exemplifies our firm commitment to private company investments that enable us to support technologies and leaders,” said George Kurtz, chief executive officer and co-founder, CrowdStrike. “This venture goes beyond our mission to build the best product suite in the market that protects endpoints and cloud workloads, identity and data. Together, with the next generation of market disruptors, we can help shape the future of cybersecurity with a shared goal of protecting critical areas of risk for organizations and making this world a safer place.”

“We saw great success with the launch of the initial Falcon Fund, and with Falcon Fund II, we will support the next wave of cybersecurity and technology leaders,” said Sameer Gandhi, partner at Accel. “Security is a critical ecosystem and we look forward to the possibilities that one of the largest strategic venture arms in cybersecurity will present.”

With Falcon Fund II, CrowdStrike aims to:

● Dramatically increase its ability to fund the next generation of emerging vendors

● Build upon the success of the initial Falcon Fund

● Form long-term alliances with companies that can benefit from CrowdStrike’s expertise and knowledge base


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