D-Link introduces ‘smart wireless solution’


D-Link (India) has announced the introduction of new series of access point titled ‘Smart Wireless Solution’. Based on point-to-point and multi-point application, D-Link Smart Wireless Solution supports wireless video surveillance, wireless video/data transmission and wireless backhaul network construction.

“SMB remains a focused business segment at D-Link. We are constantly working with our partners / system integrators in enabling businesses realise the benefit of technology through our robust networking solutions. Our new Smart Wireless Solution will further enable enterprises to boost productivity, connect to their customers and simultaneously grow with a reliable network coverage,” said Abhishek Kumar, GM – SMB & Business Wireless, D-Link (India).

The new Smart Wireless Solution from D-Link is based on of point-to-point and multi-point application with coverage ranging from 5km to 20km. D-Link Smart Wireless Solutions are designed to enable users to share internet connection between two or more locations, share files and other types of data across the network efficiently.

The Built-in “Smart Wireless Technology” in D-Link’s Smart Wireless Solution provides for noise immune, high performance, and carrier-class links. It also eliminates collision by polling every client and intelligently allocating time slots to each client. Further these Access Points incorporate a number of industry-leading core advanced wireless protocols and technologies to ensure high throughput and reliable wireless signal coverage.

D-Link’s Smart Wireless Solution is designed to perform in harsh environments. These sturdy outdoor bridges feature IP-rated waterproof and UV proof shell, to ensure smooth operation in outdoor application. At the same time, it has the characteristics of mildew prevention, corrosion protection and lightning resistance.

D-Link new Smart Wireless Solution supports multiple operating modes like Access Point, Client, WDS Access Point and WDS Client. With D-Link DAP-3711-I05, DAP-3711-N20, DAP-F3704-I, DAP-F3705-N and DAP-F3706-N clients can manage bridges using SNMP tools or monitor them via centralized hardware Controller.


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