Data and Network Traffic- How Well are We Supported with Working From Home


The lockdown scenarios have forced organisations to move out of their workplaces and take work to their respective homes. This sudden adoption of Work from Home (WFH) at a wider scale has led to a spike in data network traffic. This leads to a quality- check on India’s IT infrastructure health for managing the WFH scenario seamlessly. Is the country ready for further extension to such norms?

Ashok Kumar, Founder Managing Director at RAH Infotech

The network and data infrastructure in India is not robust enough to address or support 100% WFH or remote working during Covid-19 like situations. The companies may have proper infrastructure to support remote access from anywhere but general WIFI or phone networks at remote locations are not always up and running to support continuity in work. During situations like this WFH users are also working on their own devices and multiple remote working apps. On top of it they are also not fully secure as users lack the understanding of secure access. The infrastructure on both data and network traffic has to be further strengthened to support users, companies and businesses communicate hassle free. The current situation should give us a lot of learning and investment thoughts to create better data and network infrastructure.

Prashanth G J, CEO at TechnoBind

India is not geared up for an extended and widespread WFH scenario. We have seen instances where people do not even have a laptop to work from home since they use a workstation at the office, added to this WIFI connectivity is yet another challenge which has a long way to go for a WFH to become the new normal. But what I believe is that this 40-day lockdown would have served as a forced pilot for most organizations to understand which part of their workforce can actually work from home in an effective manner!


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