Data Ingenious Global offers ‘Made in India’ Video Conferencing Platform VIDEOMEET App


Data Ingenious Global has made its VideoMeet application free for all users. The new ‘Made in India’ offer is expected to give a tough time to players like Zoom, Google meet which have gained popularity in recent times amid COVID-19 crisis.

VideoMeet is a ‘Made in India’ Application which is available for free on the web at and via mobile apps for iOS or Android. Anyone who has a mobile number can sign in at to activate their Meet account. VideoMeet can be a good alternative to Zoom as the app allows unlimited people to participate in a single video call.

Dr Ajay Data – Founder and CEO of Data Ingenious Global said, “Our primary concern was to provide a secure solution for the virtual meetings. Avoiding hacking was taken care of by making all meetings encrypted. We wish to support our fellow Indian citizens and companies during this Lockdown period and not burden them by charging fees as of now. We shall do that once we see ease out and people are coming back to their normal lives, we shall review and will charge. We are working hard to improve every day and need feedback and support from everyone who use this application”.

Videomeet allows users ‘easy and secure access’ with
End to End Encryption
No data sharing. No spying.
Anyone can join a Videomeet call simply by clicking on a link: there’s no need to guide anyone through an installation process.
Awesome Design and UI to create, delete and manage groups
It may be used for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education, and social relations.
VIDEOMEET App allows users to initiate and experience high-definition (HD), multi-point audio/ video collaboration without dedicated telecom networks.
Even a phone without the sim card will work with the Wi-Fi internet.
One can start or join the call/conference/meetings without installing the app.
Can chat while the video call is going on
Can change the user name
No call data stored
The entire VideoMeet solution can also be installed on premises of corporate, if so desired.
Videomeet Participants’ names and profile pictures will be visible on calls, but their email addresses will not be shared.

“During this lockdown period, For a person who manages a team, Videomeet will be an amazing tool to talk and remain in touch with the team without physically travelling and meeting with the members,” Dr Data concluded.


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