Datamatics and Aliter Business Solutions sign partnership to take TruBot to newer markets globally


Datamatics Global Services (DGSL) has announced its partnership with Aliter Business Solutions to provide customers across the globe access to RPA technology and implementation capabilities. Aliter is a business delivery partner serving across market to drive enterprise-wide change in business process.

Datamatics is aggressively investing in expanding its partner network and has included 58 new partners in the last 12 months. The evolving partner ecosystem will increase the sales momentum and will ensure smooth implementation and support for TruBot globally. Datamatics TruBot is a multi-skilled bot that automates a range of repetitive and rule-based processes without any manual intervention. TruBot has 95 customers globally and has automated more than 800 processes across multiple industries including banking, insurance, manufacturing and healthcare.

The partnership will strengthen Datamatics’ presence in the global markets and will provide access to strong customer base of Aliter. Aliter will be license reseller for TruBot licenses. The partnership will provide Aliter complete access to various modules and platforms of TruBot, access to partner training and technical programs and support to create marketing visibility in the desired markets.

Murali Sathya, Vice President & Global Head of Channels, Datamatics Global Services, said, “We are happy to partner with Aliter Business Solutions. The partnership will enable Datamatics to reach-out to newer customer base and further strengthen the presence of TruBot in the automation space.”

“We are happy to partner with Datamatics and are confident of their AI driven RPA solution. It will provide great value for companies in automating business processes with RPA,” said Vijay Sabarwal, Managing Director, Aliter Business Solution.


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