Dell Technologies enables Indian Businesses to harness the Power of Software with Dell EMC PowerFlex


Today, information technology has become central to business, enabling critical competitive advantages. Due to the rapid adoption of digital transformation and increased proliferation of new-age technologies like AI, IoT, analytics etc., it is more critical than ever for IT teams to adapt quickly to meet changing workload, scalability and performance requirements.

However, in reality, Indian businesses often struggle with workload management due to their traditional, inflexible, and siloed IT infrastructures. Over the years, most of them have realized that it is not just important to modernize their data centers at the right time, but also invest in the right IT software solutions that will help them achieve consistent and predictable outcomes at a time when IT landscape and business conditions can change quickly.

To enable data centre modernization, Dell Technologies has introduced Dell EMC PowerFlex, a new software-defined storage portfolio. The PowerFlex family, previously known as VxFlex, is now part of the Dell Technologies’ Power portfolio, and helps businesses harness the potential of software and embrace change while delivering consistent, predictable IT outcomes that drive business forward. Some other notable features include:

  • Enterprise-class Performance and Resiliency: Dell EMC PowerFlex delivers sophisticated high-performance, scalable, resilient storage services to its customers. PowerScale allows for easy isolation of key workloads with multiple protection groups for predictable and uninterrupted performance.
  • Simplicity and Efficiency in Operations: PowerFlex Manager software provides tools for IT operations and lifecycle management. This helps automate infrastructure workflows from BIOS and firmware to nodes, hypervisors and networking.
  • Unmatched Flexibility and Scale: PowerFlex offers an agile and flexible foundation for IT infrastructure.  Deploying PowerFlex, assures customers extreme flexibility with architectural freedom, broad environment support, flexible consumption and scaling options. It supports a wide range of traditional and modern applications from bare-metal databases to virtualized workloads to modern cloud native applications on a single platform.

“In an attempt to capitalize on the ever-increasing new-age workloads, customers of today are now demanding unprecedented freedom, control and protection in their IT infrastructures. They are looking for comprehensive data centre solutions that simplifies their overall IT architecture, while offering industry leading features such as scalability, predictable outcomes etc.” said Amit Luthra, Director & General Manager – Data Centre Solutions, Dell Technologies India. “To help customers address their IT hurdles and stay one-step ahead of their competition, we have introduced our all-new Dell EMC PowerFlex, a sophisticated high performing software-defined storage portfolio. By deploying PowerFlex, businesses will be able to evolve their IT infrastructure as needed to meet key business objectives, while also making enough space for their IT to focus on business-critical applications.”


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