Dell Technologies launches OptiPlex 7070 Ultra PC in India


Dell Technologies today announced the launch of OptiPlex 7070 Ultra, the world’s most compatible, fully modular zero footprint and clutter-free desktop solution for Indian customers. An innovative desktop that stores its small and powerful technology vertically inside a thin and light display stand, is the latest in client modernization by Dell. The modular desktop allows for maximum use of desk space, improves employee productivity, and reduces IT investment in an innovative solution that’s hidden in plain sight.

Commenting on the launch, Indrajit Belgundi, Senior Director and General Manager, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies India, said “Over the last 25 years since the first OptiPlex was created, we’ve seen the needs of the workplace change, workspace being one example. The new OptiPlex offers an innovative form factor to support maximum productivity in a compact workspace. As a leader in PC technology, this is yet another milestone for Dell as we continue to innovate on form factors and support IT leaders with the necessary PC innovation they are looking for, today.”

The independent upgradability of the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra brings the best of the traditional desktop and the All-in-One together into a single, new, innovative platform. The OptiPlex 7070 Ultra can support up to three daisy-chained USB-C displays at once, transmitting power, data, video and audio using DisplayPort, giving users the ability to immerse themselves in their work for increased productivity.

According to Vivekanand Manjeri, Brand Director, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies India, “Many insights and customer feedback has gone into designing this new OptiPlex 7070 Ultra. It caters to today’s modern workforces’ desires in a desktop – compact and flexible design, yet with the freedom to independently upgrade as required; ultimately, allowing Indian businesses to help their employees achieve optimum productivity in a clutter-free work environment”


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