DIGISOL introduces DITT, a new certification and training institution for partners and SIs


In a bid to empower partners, DIGISOL Systems has launched a new certification and training institution Digisol Institution of Technical Training (DITT) for partners and system integrators across India. The institution aims to create value for all its network engineers, channel partners and ISPs by consistently delivering quality training programs which are in sync with the market demands. DITT comprises of four key training programs- DIGISOL Certified Cabling Installer (DCCI), DIGISOL CERTIFIED FTTH Expert (DCFX), DIGISOL Certified Switching professional (DCSP), and DIGISOL CERTIFIED Wireless professional (DCWP).

Commenting on the occasion, Samir Kamat, Head of Systems Engineering Department said, “With technological advancements and digitisation, the IT networking industry has been evolving at a pace. It has become crucial for all of us to keep up with the trends and gets insights on newer technologies. We have introduced DITT to offer best in class training to our partners on FTTH, structured cabling, switching and wireless technologies. These training programs will help our partners stay ahead in understanding and catering the future technologies. We will be conducting our training programs across India in coming months.”

DIGISOL Certified Cabling Installer (DCCI)
DIGISOL Certified Cabling Installer (DCCI) program is an extensive program under DIGISOL Institute of Technical Training (DITT) on structured cabling domain. This paid program provides hands-on experience on DIGISOL cabling products, helps in understanding the upcoming market trends in Structured Cabling. The certification of this program is valid for two years and under this Partner and SIs will get training on how to design and install Structured Cabling products.

Digisol Certified FTTH Expert (DCFX) is an extensive program on FTTH (Fiber to the Home) Solutions. The program will consist of complete understanding of fiber optics and FTTH technology with practical as well as hands on knowledge. The Program helps partners to get an understanding of fiber optics, FTTH basics, GPON/GEPON technologies and next gen FTTX. We also provide training to attendees on how to configure DIGISOL FTTH products. Certification validity of this program is one year.

DIGISOL Certified Switching professional (DCSP)
Digisol Certified Switching professional (DCSP) is course program to enhance the engineer’s knowledge on the technical aspects of network switching technologies and their types. Additional to the theoretical understanding, the program will also include the practical understanding by getting hands-on experience on DIGISOL switching products. Offering one year of valid certification, this program offers in depth knowledge on the technical aspects of switching technologies and types of switches.

DIGISOL Certified Wireless professional (DCWP)
Digisol Certified Wireless professional (DCWP) program is completely based on imparting comprehensive knowledge on Wireless Solutions. The program will include training on access points, controllers, and wireless standards. Also, It will involve new wireless architectures for controllers. It consists of design topics to include predictive analysis along with pre and post deployment site surveys.


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