Digital Track offers seamless digital transformation to enterprises


IT services company Digital Track is a specialist when it comes to storage optimisation, cloud migration, managed security services, to name some of the services it offers. The company’s team of certified experts maintain and manage a business’ IT environments spread across a spectrum ranging from networking to hardware to applications bringing in a digital transformation to enterprises of different sizes and nature.

The company aims to ease an enterprise’s transition into the cutting digital and internet age. It offers a full range of IT, network, collaboration, data centre, storage and backup infrastructure, virtualisation, cloud management, IT facility management and system integration services and solutions partnering.

To know more about the company and its solutions and services, especially with PRTG Network Monitoring solutions, CRN caught up with Jürgen Thiel, Head of Global Sales & Business Development, Paessler AG. Edited excerpts.

Please tell us about Digital Track and its growth and expansion plans, especially with PRTG Network Monitoring solutions?

PRTG doesn’t need an introduction as each one of us in the IT industry would have used it in our career. But the interesting part is we have been under the impression PRTG will monitor only the internet links, but to our surprise it is a complete monitoring solution competing with the leading products in the market. DT’s growth plan is all about offering new product, technology and geographical expansion, with PRTG our plan is to be one of top partner in India for PRTG in terms of both revenue wise and technical capability wise.

How is PRTG deployed across the network and what advantages it brings to an organisation which deploys it?

With PRTG in place, organisations will have a complete visibility and health of the network and devices. It helps the IT team to trouble shoot and assure the availability of the network 99.9 per cent at any given point in time. As IT infrastructure has become a business enabler, organisations cannot afford to have down time. PRTG can help the IT team to achieve maximum availability of IT infrastructure.

Please share with us PRTG Network Monitoring solutions’ key features

The key features can be listed as quick download, installation and configuration; it uses built-in database, no additional DB required like SQL/Oracle; PRTG is based on sensor license, around 200 sensor types covering IT infrastructure monitoring; distributed monitoring using remote probes; PRTG cluster failover solution; and easy DB backup and rollback.

Which verticals are you catering to? Can you share any interesting case study/ies?

We cater to all verticals, starting from small businesses to enterprises. Education institutions like schools use PRTG to monitor the complete network which helps them to a great extent as the number of IT staff are very less compared to organisations.

How you are planning to go about your upcoming maiden multi-city event?

Every other customer uses PRTG for some specific use case like link monitoring, however most of the customers do not know the full capabilities of the solution. This event would help us educate the customers and create an awareness.

How is it going to benefit you and your partners?

This event will create awareness about the presence of the OEM in Indian market. As a partner we offer one of the best monitoring solutions to customers along with our services, which will help our services revenue and profitability.

Is there any other important factor you want to share?

We are excited about this partnership and looking forward to taking it to the next level. Our investment has started by getting our technical resources trained and certified. We have trained and certified resources across all our branches, with which we will be able to support our customers technically. We also invested in setting up a lab setup to show it live to our customers.


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