Druva expands Salesforce Data Protection


Druva has announced the availability of its enhanced data protection for Salesforce, delivering the industry’s most comprehensive platform to manage and protect business-critical CRM data. The enhanced solution brings comprehensive backup and recovery, sandbox seeding, and data governance capabilities to thousands of Salesforce customers increasingly leveraging data to fuel growth and build personalized experiences. Now, Salesforce customers can expand and strengthen the protection of their most valuable data, while unifying protection for leading applications through Druva Cloud Platform’s highly secure and seamless all-in-one solution.

As the most widely adopted CRM platform, Salesforce helps over 150,000 organizations enhance sales, customer relationship management, and marketing campaigns. However, its shared responsibility model and costly, minimal recovery service leave customers largely responsible for protecting and governing their mission critical data. Organizations require comprehensive data protection which secures data from malicious attacks, is available on-demand in the event of unplanned outages, and maintains compliance without impacting costs or agility. Only Druva Cloud Platform is able to deliver such capabilities, including best-in-class granular backup and data recovery, automated migrations, and sandbox seeding tools for developers, while increasing data availability and unifying support for hybrid workloads, endpoints and SaaS applications including Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

“As organizations increasingly leverage Salesforce to support digital transformation initiatives, keeping this data available, protected, and compliant has become a business critical function,” said Christophe Betrand, Senior Analyst, ESG. “The Druva Cloud Platform is a valuable resource to better assist customers with Salesforce management, offering an extensive set of features and capabilities to more efficiently manage and automate the many data protection tasks Salesforce administrators deal with on a daily basis, while delivering air-gapped protection storage capabilities for enhanced disaster recovery.”

Following the acquisition of sfApex in November 2020 and its successful integration in less than six months, Salesforce customers can now leverage Druva Cloud Platform’s infinite scalability, proven security framework, and unified experience, all while lowering cost by up to 50 percent and never requiring any hardware or software. Enhanced features for Salesforce data protection include:

Advanced data protection: Automated daily backups (as frequently as every 15 minutes) of Salesforce data and metadata, combined with rapid recovery from air-gapped storage.
Data Recovery: Quickly recover data while maintaining all parent-child relationships to prevent orphan records. Easily restore standard, custom, and managed package objects including attachments, content, knowledge articles, and chatter.
Data compliance: Advanced data anonymization capabilities to mask fields and maintain data privacy, as well as GDPR and CCPA functionalities to fulfill right to be forgotten requests and subject access requests. This includes multi-region data storage support to meet data residency requirements.
Sandbox seeding: Create high-quality data-copy sets for Salesforce sandbox seeding as well as reliable data copies to accelerate development and optimize testing. Leverage data translation capabilities to simplify bulk updates or data migrations.
“Salesforce has become the lifeblood to organizations, empowering sales and marketing teams with information that enhances the customer experience, fills the sales pipeline, and drives business growth,” said Prem Ananthakrishnan, Vice President of Products, Druva. “However, the criticality of its data often is not appropriately matched by its level of protection, leaving organizational data increasingly at risk. Druva is delivering a best-in-class solution with automated features, advanced data security, and unified visibility expected for data of such value, and ensures organizations are prepared to succeed in today’s business landscape.”


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