EDB completes acquisition of 2ndQuadrant


EDB, a leading contributor to PostgreSQL, has acquired 2ndQuadrant, a global PostgreSQL solutions and tools company based out of the UK. The deal brings together the world’s top PostgreSQL experts, combining decades of experience and two best-in-class technical teams. It also vastly expands EDB’s capacity to meet the immediate and future needs of its now even broader global customer base and the PostgreSQL market.

Integrating two customer-obsessed PostgreSQL companies
PostgreSQL adoption is exploding as enterprises continue to make it a core part of their modernization strategies in data centers, cloud, and hybrid environments. Alongside these changes is the growing need for talented resources who can help enterprises get the most out of PostgreSQL wherever it’s deployed.

“Postgres is experiencing unprecedented growth and so is EDB. The 2ndQuadrant team, led by its CEO, Simon Riggs, has built an incredibly talented team of PostgreSQL specialists who, like us, are obsessed with serving customers. Together, we’re perfectly positioned to deliver even greater value to the market,” said Ed Boyajian, CEO of EDB. “Customers have access to the deepest bench of Postgres experts in the world, with faster outcomes and better solutions.”

Power to Postgres
The acquisition will integrate two companies who are major contributors to PostgreSQL. The new unified roster of experts brings a long history of building and optimizing PostgreSQL for the most demanding global organizations.

“I started working on Postgres over thirty years ago and recently reconnected with the project,” said the creator of Postgres and MIT professor, Michael Stonebraker. “What EDB and 2ndQuadrant have done for the growth of Postgres is astonishing. Forming a single company is a major milestone for every user of Postgres now and for the long term.”

“The EDB and 2ndQuadrant engineering teams will join forces to accelerate essential Postgres innovation and address new opportunities, like hybrid cloud, geographic distribution, analytics, extreme write availability, and IoT,” said Simon Riggs, CEO of 2ndQuadrant. “Together we will achieve a critical mass of the best Postgres development talent to allow us to tackle the key challenges our customers demand.”

“We remain committed to open source and a strong, independent Postgres community. This merged global team provides us the opportunity to respond to the most stringent enterprise requirements in an agile and responsive way,” said Marc Linster, Chief Technology Officer for EDB. “Our combined companies will lead the way in several areas. First of course is Postgres, additionally, hybrid cloud deployment, extreme high availability, containerization, and database compatibility with Oracle, with expertise and technology that’s accessible to organizations everywhere.”

The merged teams will operate under the leadership of EDB CEO Ed Boyajian. Database pioneer Simon Riggs will continue to play a prominent role as a PostgreSQL Fellow, working on technology strategy and evangelism.


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