ELGi partners with NASSCOM FutureSkills PRIME to strengthen vital digital skills


ELGi Equipments announced its partnership with NASSCOM’s FutureSkills Prime initiative. With this partnership, ELGi aims to equip every employee with a set of foundational digital skills that will enable them to operate in a digital environment, continually adapt to new ways of working, and add value beyond what can be done by automated systems and intelligent machines. FutureSkills Prime, a skilling programme focused on emerging technologies, is powered by a partnership between the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the Government of India, NASSCOM, and the IT industry. Over one thousand ELGi employees are scheduled to undertake this program.

Sharing his views on the collaboration, Dr Jairam Varadaraj, Managing Director of Elgi Equipments Limited, said, “Our purpose is to provide the best experience at each stakeholder touch-point. In our journey towards this purpose, we recognize that emerging digital technologies will be central pillars in providing such an experience. Be it customers or employees, or investors, digital can substantially and significantly enhance the experience. This has to be architected by our people and the starting point is to imagine the opportunities through the lens of digital technologies. To enable each employee in our organization to do this, it is imperative that they have a foundational knowledge of the various digital technologies. We’re committed to ensuring all of our employees are digitally proficient and conversant with digital technologies as we adapt to the future.”

Kirti Seth, CEO, SSC NASSCOM, said “Now more than ever, the need for each citizen to get equipped with the skills of emerging technologies is of paramount importance to leverage the waves of opportunity rising up through this digital transformation we are going through. It is also important for each individual to talk the language of ‘digital’ and stay in tune with the world that is changing rapidly around us. FutureSkills Prime has a vision to make individuals from across sectors, and across job roles digitally fluent. We’re proud that our voice has been recognized by industries across sectors. The fact that Elgi Equipments, a leading compressor manufacturing company is going to leverage FutureSkills Prime to build the digital quotient of their employees, is a strong signal of how this need cuts across all industries and domains. I wish Elgi’s employees an exciting learning journey to not just build on their technological foundations but unleash a fresh burst of creativity. This digitally ready workforce will be the key to not just exponential growth of their company but contribute to India’s dream of creating a trillion dollar digital economy.”

FutureSkills Prime – a platform built by the government and the IT industry focuses on providing a solution to challenges when upskilling people with emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Big Data Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, and more. The registered candidates can develop core proficient skills, take aptitude diagnostics tests, acquire SSC NASSCOM certifications and scholarships, and become more digitally fluent.


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