Employee health measures taken by Tally Solutions amidst Covid-19


The ongoing pandemic has severely disrupted the workplace processes. Moreover, the second wave has posed several concerns about the health and safety of everyone around us. Given the unprecedented times, several organisations have stepped up to support employees and their families in all possible ways. Tally Solutions with a focus on employee well-being and safety, quickly adapted to ensure safety of the employees and their families during this time.

Furthermore, with the rise in Covid-19 cases over the last few weeks, Tally Solutions has taken several measures to support the team and their families by incorporating certain policies on an immediate basis. Some of these policies include:

With challenges that people are facing in the absence of enough vaccines available across the country, Tally has taken the initiative to get its employees and their families vaccinated while bearing the cost of the vaccination as well. Tally has successfully completed two camps of vaccination for employees and their families in Bangalore and one camp in Delhi.  So far, 220 employees and their families have been vaccinated through this initiative. There are more camps organised in Bangalore at their head office as well as all regional offices in the coming few weeks. 

While the company has an extensive and well-thought leave policy to provide employees enough time-off, understanding the need in the current situation, Tally modified its leave policy to provide infected employees extra time off. Through its Covid leave policy employees are provided with a one week time-off extendable to one-month depending on the situation. The employees can also avail an additional five day time-off to take-care of an immediate family member in case they test positive. 

The company is also ensuring to provide any financial support needed to manage a hardship/expense due to Covid, through advance salary system. This is over and above the benefits already extended by the company, which includes health insurance cover and coverage of OPD reimbursements. 

Understanding the importance of mental and emotional health of employees and their family members, Tally partnered with a leading counselling platform last year to extend this support. The professional counselling is offered with complete confidentiality, anonymity and privacy through online chat sessions and audio/ video appointments. 

Tally has appointed regional SPOCs at various locations for any COVID-related support or assistance that the employees may need. The company also introduced a 24×7 help-line desk to support employees for any Covid related issue. 

Understanding the need to consult a doctor, for any ailment, from the safety of home, Tally has extended online doctor consultation services for employees and their family. The expenses for this will be reimbursed by the company. 


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