ESET launches the latest version of ESET Enterprise Inspector (EEI)


With this latest version, ESET strengthens its Endpoint Detection and Response solution

ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity, has announced the launch of version 1.4 of ESET Enterprise Inspector (EEI). EEI is a sophisticated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tool that monitors and evaluates suspicious activity occurring on the network in real time and allows IT security admins to take immediate action when and where needed.

Enterprises are facing parallel challenges: on one hand the need for security tools that can be smoothly integrated into increasingly complex and diverse networks and critical infrastructure, and on the other, rapidly mounting competency from malicious actors. To address this in a comprehensive manner, the latest version of EEI now includes support for both macOS and Windows operating systems, and features a public API that enables access to, and export of, detections, ideally suiting it to organizations looking to integrate EDR with existing tooling. Other value adds include remote response and investigation with EEI’s new PowerShell capability – allowing the administrator to remotely inspect a machine without breaking the user’s workflow. Additionally, the entire platform is now secured via two-factor authentication at login.

In light of complex business and threat landscapes, organizations also require versatility – products that can be set up rapidly to satisfy a diversity of needs. To further meet those needs, we set out to improve EEI with additional features, including the tagging of objects – these tags allow administrators to identify and prioritize the severity of incidents – as well as network isolation of endpoints. Together, they are powerful additions to EEI’s threat hunting, incident detection, and remediation capabilities.

While not all businesses have the luxury of dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) teams, they can still benefit from many EEI features. EEI references detections to the MITRE framework, where admins can find comprehensive information about the most complex alerts. Admins can save time by creating exclusions that will auto-resolve alarms, cutting down a lot of the manual work in investigating false positive detections caused, for example, by custom-made binaries from your environment.

ESET and its solutions have been recognized by leading independent analyst organizations in the cybersecurity field. In March 2020, ESET was highlighted as a “Top Player” by Radicati in their Market Quadrant APT Protection Report, where EEI was praised for its strong EDR capabilities and real-time data reporting, multi-language support systems, and low system footprint. EEI was also mentioned in the Forrester Now Tech report as an EDR solution with high anti-malware, hunting, automated response, and scriptable orchestration capabilities.

EEI is designed to complement ESET’s award-winning, multi-layered Endpoint Protection Platform. The combination of the ESET Endpoint Protection Platform and ESET Enterprise Inspector provides a complete prevention, detection, and response solution that allows for quick analysis and remediation of any security issues in the network. EEI data and functionality can also be leveraged by users in concert with ESET Threat Monitoring and ESET Threat Hunting services.

Adam Luzsicza, Product Manager at ESET, commented, “We are constantly working on our security offering to ensure that enterprises are equipped with the highest standard of protection. A reliable and advanced security software system is an absolute necessity for modern businesses, and we are passionate about providing tools that both protect against and provide deeper insights into the tactics and techniques used by malicious actors. Cybersecurity breaches pose a real threat to company profits and reputation – and the latest version of ESET Enterprise Inspector ensures that emerging threats, risky employee behavior, or unwanted applications are not putting organizations at risk.”


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