Eucloid ties up with Databricks; integrates data lakes and warehouses to one single platform


Eucloid, a Data & Growth Intelligence firm, has partnered with Databricks to offer Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform to its Fortune 500 clients. The company’s Lakehouse platform uniquely combines multiple data warehouse and data lake functionalities in a single solution for all major data workloads.

With Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform, Eucloid’s clients can address multiple data challenges through a single interface, including streaming data ingestion, data governance, data pipelines, machine learning operations, and data visualization. Leveraging Databricks’ platform, Eucloid is expected to drive client projects using its deep domain expertise in industries like retail, e-commerce and insurance.

Under the partnership, Eucloid will build customizable solutions to solve specific industry use cases on the top of the Databricks platform. Additionally, the firm will be lending its business consulting and data engineering capabilities to customers’ Databricks implementations. This will further enable clients to get maximum value out of their data, analytics and AI strategies. Furthermore, to meet the future increase in demand for Databricks professionals, Eucloid has set up an in-house Databricks academy, which will get data analysts, scientists and engineers trained and certified on the Databricks platform.

Talking about the partnership, Raghvendra Kushwah, Co-Founder and CEO of Eucloid said, “I am excited to work with Databricks and I strongly believe that we can maximize our synergies by working together. While Databricks comes with a very strong technology platform, Eucloid has deep expertise in the retail and digital commerce industries. Together we aim to build and deliver unique solutions to our clients helping them leverage data effectively to solve key business use cases”.



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