EverestIMS introduces NCCM for banking sector


EverestIMS Technologies has recently introduced its Network Configuration and Change Management tool (NCCM), which is a part of the EverestIMS suite. Everest NCCM is vendor-agnostic and manages various devices covering routers, switches, bridges, firewalls, load balancers and Wi-Fi access controllers. It automates the configuration and compliance of network devices. Everest NCCM provides adequate insights to make informed decisions about allowed changes for deployment and additional analysis for risk mitigation.

NCCM places focus on regulatory standards. Complemented by real-time alerts on key events and comprehensive reports for overall management of network devices and operation, it enables changes in the network framework to occur in a controlled and measured manner – thereby reducing impacts.

Sudhakar, CTO, EverestIMS Technologies, said, “NCCM defines, authorises, deploys and tracks changes on any network infrastructure. It helps organisations to be updated on each and every change happened, follows 3 Ws – What, When and Why, initiating real time alerts on smartphone whenever change occur. Everest NCCM is a perfect fit for banks adhered to RBI circular/guidelines. It fulfills all the requirement of network management and security, spanning inventory of authorised devices, appropriate configuration and maintenance of network activity logs.”


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