Experian launches PowerCurve Strategy Management, cloud-based decisioning solution –

Cloud Computing

Experian has launched a new PowerCurve Strategy Management solution, a powerful decisioning solution delivered as software-as-a-service via cloud. The solution is designed to help organisations leverage data and make faster, secure, and informed business decisions.

PowerCurve is a unified platform that helps businesses understand and leverage their data across the entire customer life cycle – be it acquisition, retention or growth – to make fast, efficient decisions that support their strategic goals. With the new solution, businesses will be able to swiftly adapt their decision-based strategies at lower operational cost while harnessing the power of cloud.

Neeraj Dhawan, Managing Director, Experian India,says: “Financial institutions in India are looking for more agile and scalable decisioning solutions. To fulfil their needs, we have come up with a comprehensive suite of solutions to help businesses make better decisions and stay one step ahead. At Experian, we are committed to providing advanced solutions through innovation, technology, and excellence.”

The cloud-based PowerCurve® solution empowers businesses with integrated insights by maximising data and analytics to drive effective decisions across customer touchpoints. The solution supports businesses across a wide range of industries, including banking, fintech, MSME, insurance and beyond.

PowerCurve Strategy Management combines machine learning and Experian’s deep knowledge of the industry to generate advanced data-driven insights. The cloud-based service offers:

  • Market-leading expertise – Easy access to a world-class decision engine with a strong global track record, providing high performance strategy execution.
  • Agility – Businesses can evolve their strategies swiftly with self-service capabilities and easily expand the solution for their portfolio growth.
  • Business user control – Designed for business users with easy access and full autonomy for strategy design, testing, and deployment to production.
  • Security first – State-of-the-art security which includes round-the-clock security event monitoring, detection, and response as well as with seamless and continuous security patches.
  • Cloud native – The solution is built on active-active microservices architecture ensuring high availability and scalability, consumed as a service.
  • Full automation– Continuous innovation with fully automated software upgrades every six weeks that make new functionalities available at businesses’ convenience.

The new PowerCurve Strategy Management solution sits on the Experian cloud deployment platform and leverages the scale and the rich features of the underlying Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure, to deliver its as-a-service benefits to businesses.


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