EY, Blue Prism to offer RPA as a service on Microsoft’s Azure cloud


EY and Blue Prism has partnered to offer “RPA as a service” powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud to organizations across India. The two companies have jointly commissioned several large-scale RPA deliveries in core and support business functions across financial services, ITeS, manufacturing and healthcare industries. EY is the only global organization in Blue Prism’s ecosystem to receive Platinum certification for delivery along with Gold certification for capability.

EY and Blue Prism have been paving the digital transformation journey of organizations across the globe by providing them access to the cutting-edge cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive automation capabilities. Through this collaboration, Blue Prism’s automation technology and Microsoft’s Azure platform coupled with EY’s market leadership in global robotics services and diverse industry experience, organizations can now accomplish significant cost savings and new capabilities across functions such as finance, HR, supply chain, IT and sales and marketing.

Sibjyoti Basu, Partner and Alliance Leader, EY India, says, “In today’s dynamic marketplace, open and secure cloud-based offerings along with agile methods of delivery are fundamental for the growth and profitability of businesses. As a market first, EY’s globally acclaimed RPA delivery capability coupled with Blue Prism’s cutting-edge technology and Microsoft Azure cloud will enable organizations in their digital transformation journey, rendering greater speed and scalability to the pace of deployment and innovation.”

Prashant Garg, Partner, Technology Consulting Services, EY India, says, “We have been doing some cutting-edge work with Blue Prism in the field of RPA, AI and cognitive automation and this collaboration underpins our commitment to stay ahead of the curve by challenging traditional models of service delivery. We are constantly looking for ways to dynamically apply futureproof technologies in our clients’ businesses, which lead to higher cost savings and greater process efficiency. The application of RPA as a service not only endorses agility but will also unlock a host of new opportunities including scalability, interoperability and end-to-end solution development with collaborative robots.”

The front-end software technology has come to the point that enables software robots to perform human actions and automate repetitive tasks across multiple business applications. EY is the only professional services firm to offer a global robotics capability at scale with accelerated and consistent delivery across geographies. EY has developed over 2,000 bots till date, of which 700 are deployed within EY, saving more than 2.1 million people hours and bringing higher accuracy to manual processes. EY India has been advocating intelligent automation in workplaces and has an impressive bot generation rate of five bots per day.


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