FICO announces latest version of cloud-optimized Decision Management Platform

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FICO has announced the latest version of its Decision Management Platform (DMP). FICO DMP is a platform for cloud-based, digital decisioning solutions. DMP enables organisations to create and deploy digital decisions across departments, functions, and customer lifecycle stages. FICO DMP spans the entire enterprise, helping organisations to make consistent, data and model-driven decisions. As a unifying platform it breaks down functional silos.

With the latest release, FICO DMP now offers improved open application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow other software vendors and customers to extend the platform with complementary capabilities or connect it to other enterprise systems such as CRM or ERP. The latest version fundamentally utilizes Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling and management.

Kubernetes enables FICO Decision Management Suite, the FICO solution for developing analytically powered, decision automation solutions, to support seamless and cost-effective deployment on public and private clouds as well as across hybrid cloud deployments.

“In the latest release of FICO DMP we’ve focused on scalability, cost management, openness and extensibility. By leveraging Kubernetes and adding open APIs, customers now have a fully extensible platform that can connect to and support the broadest range of cloud services, infrastructure platforms, data ingestion, and other robust customisations,” said Jari Koister, vice president of product management, FICO.

As part of the Decision Management Suite, FICO DMP enables digital decisioning by leveraging real-time insights about customers and business operations to automate actions for individual customers, at the right time and via the right channel.

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