Finacus Solutions installs unique virus attenuation devices to curb Covid-19


Mumbai, is reeling under its worst Covid-19 surge so far. Companies based out of the city have been at the forefront of taking measures to protect their workforce from the Coronavirus infection, and many of them are now turning to state-of-the-art technology solutions to keep the pandemic at bay.

 Bengaluru-based Shycocan Corporation has installed around 30 virus attenuation devices at three different offices of Finacus Solutions situated across Mumbai. Finacus Solutions, a certified organisation, providing banking solutions and payment systems partner for over 100 financial institutions is among the many organisations that have worked tirelessly through the pandemic trying to provide their customers seamless services and have been constantly looking out for futuristic technological solutions for safety of their employees and workforce, to keep the pandemic at bay.

 The wall-mounted, cylindrical devices, called Shycocan, will help protect more than 250 employees of the company from the highly infectious Coronavirus and Influenza family of viruses, significantly reducing the risk of the pandemic and allowing the workforce to operate without fear of getting infected at the office premises. Shycocan has been proven to disable the Coronavirus and Influenza virus families in indoor spaces with 99.9 per cent efficacy, as per various virology reports from accredited laboratories worldwide. Moreover, the device has no chemicals, UV rays, radiation or side-effects and is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment.

 Ashwin Ayyappan, Global Marketing Head, Finacus Solutions said, “Since we are in the banking domain, we have to work 24×7 during the pandemic because we look at maintaining ATMs. During the pandemic growth in digital payments increased and so our work. After the lockdown, employees have concerns about moving out of home because of the pandemic and we wanted to find something which would give employees the confidence to come and work from the office. During my research online, I found details about Shycocan and after my R&D on the machines and going ahead from the management we installed around 30 machines in our three different offices.”

 Alok Sharma, CEO, Shycocan Corporation said, “We are delighted to contribute to a safer work environment for Finacus Solutions. The devices would ensure the safety of people present within the premises. Our devices work on all current and future variants and mutants of the Coronavirus and Influenza family of viruses, protecting people’s health and saving millions of hours of lost productivity. The banking and finances sector is a critical area in India’s economy and protecting it is paramount to bringing life back to normal and normal back to business. Finacus Solutions has really set the tone for others to follow in protecting their teams, businesses and future-proofing them from such pandemics.”



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