Finland invites Indian Tech talent with their newly launched recruitment drive


Finland is inviting India’s tech talents to join the close-knit global community that has turned the country into a technological superpower in industries as diverse as ICT, health, digitalisation, connectivity, AI, smart cities, to name just a few. 

Whether it’s a dream job in tech, turning innovation into a flourishing start-up, advancing a career with academic study, or seeking a healthier work-life balance in a beautiful country ranked the ‘happiest in the world’– Finland is offering India’s tech talents and their families a once in a lifetime opportunity to realise their ambitions. 

Big-named companies such as Nokia, IQM Quantum Computers are among twenty corporates inviting talented tech candidates to apply for more than 60 exciting, new positions, as part of the “Find your Finnish Future – campaign”, which was launched on 19th April.

 Finland is a stable Nordic society and one of the global hubs of scientific research, investors, and innovation excellence. State of the art infrastructure, supporting legislation, forward-thinking governmental entities, and an eco-system that allows research organizations, industry providers, and commercial companies – ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations – to work under one roof to share a common agenda and goal, are creating an environment where innovations are flourishing. 

But it is not just an opportunity for India’s talents to make their mark in ground-breaking tech that makes Finland an ideal country to realise their dreams. Finland is also famed for a good work-life balance, supported by long holidays and reasonable working hours – allowing its people to fulfil their hobbies and spend time with loved ones. 

 For those who enjoy the outdoors, Finland is home to some of the cleanest nature in the world. Its proximity to forests, clean air, and water makes the country a healthy place to live and raise children whilst also offering easy access to amenities and city life. High-quality healthcare, a world-class education system, and low crime records are other good reasons for candidates to submit their applications. 

 Paavo Virkkunen, Executive Director, Business Finland said, “Finland is committed to bringing talented people, innovations, technology, and businesses together to generate opportunities and prosperity through sustainable growth globally. 

 “Such an endeavor requires fine minds from around the world to work together, and we warmly welcome India’s tech talent to join us on this exciting journey. 

 “Finland highly values diversity and equality, it has a vibrant innovation ecosystem, a booming start-up scene, and is one of the leading ICT and health tech industries in the world. We also offer a lifestyle in which it is possible to develop a career and still spend time with family and friends.” 



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