Fortinet Receives Second Consecutive NSS Labs Recommended Rating in SD-WAN Group Test Report

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Fortinet, a provider of integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, has announced that for the second year in a row Fortinet received a “Recommended” rating in NSS Labs’ Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) group test report. Fortinet’s FortiGate Secure SD-WAN was assessed by NSS Labs and was recognized for the following strengths:

Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO): FortiGate Secure SD-WAN showcased significant operational savings with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) per Mbps based on the deployment of 75 enterprise branches and varying real-life scenarios in each environment. FortiGate Secure SD-WAN achieved zero-touch provisioning of new branches under six minutes. Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution focuses on simplifying the WAN edge operations while providing scalable centralized management with best-of-breed SD-WAN capabilities and security in one offering.

Reliable high quality of experience for unified communication: In the group test, FortiGate Secure SD-WAN delivered high Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) averaging 4.36 for VoIP and 4.15 for video and showcased strong user experience for business-critical voice and video applications. This testing was similar to real world conditions with the toughest WAN impairment scenarios, such as packet loss, high latency, packet delay and link failures.

Resilient high availability for better user experience: NSS Labs also tested FortiGate Secure SD-WAN’s high availability for network and application stability, which is critical for enterprise networks. Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution achieved high MOS for VoIP and video, demonstrating resilient and uninterrupted user experience during WAN link failure.

High WAN performance for cloud applications: FortiGate Secure SD-WAN, which is built on a purpose-built SD-WAN ASIC, demonstrated high VPN Overlay performance of 893 Mbps for superior user experience and lowest latency. This is especially beneficial as enterprises prefer to have direct Internet access for public cloud and SaaS applications as they undergo digital transformation.

Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN Solution Reduces Complexity and Simplifies WAN Edge Operations: FortiGate Secure SD-WAN enables WAN Edge transformation by consolidating critical capabilities such as SD-WAN, security, WAN optimization and advanced routing built in Fortinet’s purpose-built SD-WAN ASIC. This year’s NSS Labs SD-WAN Group Test recognized FortiGate Secure SD-WAN with the lowest TCO and noted its ability for zero-touch provisioning in minutes. This capability addresses the current issue that enterprise branches face of having many point products that typically take months to deploy in new sites and a long time to troubleshoot any network issues. FortiGate Secure SD-WAN combats this with its zero-touch provisioning capabilities, making it easier for organizations to securely operate their WAN edge.

Rajesh Maurya, Regional Vice President, India & SAARC, Fortinet says, “Fortinet has uniquely combined best-of-breed SD-WAN and security in one integrated solution for WAN Edge transformation. Similar to last year’s first-ever NSS Labs SD-WAN test report, this year’s report gives Fortinet a ‘Recommended’ rating in the SD-WAN group test, highlighting that it has the lowest cost of total ownership along with significantly quick zero-touch provisioning for efficient operations. With two consecutive “Recommended” ratings in this category, receiving another NSS Labs “Recommended” rating is a testament to Fortinet’s commitment to third-party testing and validation of our products and solutions.

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