GajShield Infotech announces partner training session with Mass Infonet


GajShield Infotech has recently organized its partner training session. The company has been accredited with addressing chief security challenges alongside delivering advanced solutions for client’s current and future needs. Initiated in partnership with Mass Infonet, the one-day training programme was organized in Pune and Kolhapur.

Gajshield’s Data Security Firewall solutions are a leap ahead of the conventional last- generation firewall through their Data First Approach for security. The brand’s DSF solutions comprehends the organizations data, provides deeper data level visibility and empowers in upholding the data threat surface, taking appropriate security measures to thwart data exploitation. The session has been designed to aid partners in leveraging and building their expertise in the landscape of Data Security Firewall (DSF). Committed technicians and partners across Pune and Kolhapur attended the session to deepen their knowledge pertaining to DSF solutions and to experience a hands-on product demo offered by the brand. These training sessions have been organized with an aim to facilitate GajShield’s Partners and Technical employees to groom their ability and mechanical skills, enhance partner profitability’s, expand opportunities and empower partner success.

Mr. Sonit Jain, CEO – GajShield Infotech, said, “As enterprises accelerate digital transformation, the need for agile and adaptable security solutions has never been greater. Our partner training session in partnership with Mass Infonet will offer a comprehensive security suite enabling our partners and their organizations to construct and evolve their security infrastructures. The future of our business and that of our partners are fundamentally linked, hence through this session we aim to provide complementary solutions to help our partners to implement the best security architectures. The partner training session is an all-encompassing set of development we have done to support our partners in becoming security experts across their overall technology portfolio.”


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