GajShield wins patent for Data Leak Prevention from networks using Context Sensitive Firewall


GajShield Infotech, a leading cybersecurity company, recently announced that it has been awarded the patent on “Data Leak Prevention from Networks using Context Sensitive Firewall”. It symbolises a significant milestone in GajShield’s mission to create an end-to-end cybersecurity technology that uses contextual technology along with machine learning to enhance data security posture within an organisation.

Contextual Intelligence Engine (CIE) is a system that promotes increased visibility of data transactions across network applications. The context-based security strategy outperforms standard firewall capabilities. Contextual Intelligence Engine understands the application and its data context by doing a deep inspection at several levels for improved security. It offers the clients a strong layer of protection that is adaptable and intelligent enough to grant access under the right conditions.

Contextual Intelligence Engine speeds up business processes and improves corporate performance by making sharing and accessing critical data easier. The patent would improve the systems and ensure the confidentiality of corporate data by monitoring for aberrant network activity and blocking unwanted access based on contextual information. GajShield knows how an enterprise uses data in its daily operations and the value of data for business continuity.

The patent technique provides a system of preventing data leak in a network that allows for context based access of network resources by network users. The network resource may be any application, website, program, communication means or others. This technique along with other security engines on GajShield firewall, organizations can enhance their data security posture and better protect their sensitive information. GajShield Infotech pursues world-class, dynamic, and responsive research via a challenge-centric rather than a product-centric strategy. GajShield researchers continually investigate new and novel techniques, including behavioural analytics, machine learning and zero trust architecture to stay ahead of cyber threats and protect against increasingly sophisticated attacks

GajShield Infotech is India’s most reputable data security and network security solutions vendor. A data-first philosophy underpins the company’s cutting-edge goods and services. Because of the specialised security solutions provided by GajShield, organisation will become more familiar with best practices for securing their data and systems. These products aid the sector in understanding real-time cybercriminal strategies.

GajShield’s wide variety of innovative products to guard against complex cybersecurity threats has benefitted enterprises and critical government infrastructure. GajShield’s data-driven revolutionary products provide complete threat intelligence and security know-how. They offer a variety of goods, including security services and data solutions, and assist in successfully managing high-risk security scenarios.

Sonit Jain, CEO of GajShield Infotech, said, “We are thrilled to receive this patent for our innovative technology. We are committed to innovation and are proud to be at the forefront of technological advancements in the security industry and are pleased to be changing the world by accelerating the development of inventions that protect the world’s most vital assets against sophisticated cyber threats. We intend to maximise the impact and relevance of our work in ways that benefit the wider economy, public services, and policymakers.”


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