Genpact and ServiceNow Expand Partnership to Offer Source-to-Pay Applications Across Finance and Supply Chain Operations


Genpact and ServiceNow announced an expanded partnership to deliver Source-to-Pay applications across finance and supply chain operations. The Genpact Source-to-Pay offering uses ServiceNow AI capabilities to help accelerate team productivity, simplify the user experience and increase cost efficiency. Leading organisations like Dropbox (NASDAQ: DBX) are already benefiting from the Source-to-Pay solution, transforming their procurement, sourcing, and case management operations. Source-to-Pay enables a seamless purchasing and case management process across work teams, allowing procurement to focus on more strategic priorities.

“At Genpact, we’re focused on leveraging industry-leading partnerships to bring holistic solutions to our clients,” said Riju Vashisht, Chief Growth Officer, Genpact. “For Dropbox, we combine our domain and technology expertise with ServiceNow’s sourcing and procurement operations platform, offering a unified entry point, dynamic forms, and automated purchasing orchestration. We helped Dropbox execute its vision to reshape their procurement operations, cutting the procurement cycle by 50 percent and improving user experience and efficiency, all while maintaining cost control.”

“The amount of manual offline work involved in finance and supply chain operations makes them prime candidates for digital transformation,” said Erica Volini, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships and Channels, ServiceNow. “Genpact’s leadership in this space, combined with the AI-fuelled automation power of the ServiceNow Platform, will help ensure our joint customers will get better business results, faster time to value, and increased productivity for their procurement and finance operations.”

ServiceNow connects the enterprise end-to-end with AI built natively into the platform. The Source-to-Pay offering from Genpact leverages these AI capabilities to allow businesses and teams to quickly and accurately identify, understand, and extract data from finance and supply chain documents, even when the documents have varied text, formatting, and templates––helping save valuable time for teams.

Solutions inside of the Source-to-Pay offering include:

  • Sourcing and Procurement Operations: Genpact’s procurement-as-a-service seamlessly integrates ServiceNow’s Sourcing and Procurement Operations (SPO) solution with Genpact’s sourcing and procurement expertise, delivering a centralised and efficient digital procurement experience for suppliers, buyers, and employees.
  • Supply Chain: Genpact’s intuitive supplier communication solution is designed to foster better collaboration with suppliers, identify and resolve issues faster, and reduce the time required to qualify new suppliers and manage the supplier lifecycle, ultimately leading to smoother transactions and improved relationships.
  • Accounts Payable: Genpact’s payables-as-a-service blends ServiceNow’s Accounts Payable Operations (APO) with Genpact’s deep expertise across the accounts payable domain. It delivers a unified interface fostering an enhanced collaboration between suppliers, business units, and finance.

Dropbox is transforming its procurement operations with the Source-to-Pay offering, resulting in a modern, centralised procurement experience. The collaboration between ServiceNow and Genpact has helped Dropbox execute their vision and shape their procurement operations, significantly improving agility and sustainability. Dropbox has successfully eliminated manual ticket tracking, minimised redundant data entry, and reduced reliance on procurement experts, resulting in a 50% reduction in the procurement cycle in just eight weeks. The company is now focused on contract management by integrating ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery’s automation capabilities onto the platform, as well as integrating Dropbox Sign, a simple to use solution to secure eSignatures for important agreements in one seamless workflow — all within Dropbox. The company is also exploring how to leverage ServiceNow’s generative AI capabilities further to gain additional data insights, guide buying decisions, and simplify the user experience.

“ServiceNow and Genpact helped us streamline our procurement processes, allowing Dropbox to optimise our purchasing workflows and make them more adaptable to evolving business requirements,” said Reunan Varene, Director of Source to Pay, Dropbox. “We’re excited to also explore how generative AI can enable conversation, provide insights, and help reach conclusions more quickly. This will raise the quality of support, save time, and improve consistency and ease of use for everyone.”

Genpact and ServiceNow are committed to significant team expansion. Genpact has already more than doubled its business on the ServiceNow platform since 2020, with a strong emphasis on upskilling and training to ensure clients have access to premier solutions. The two companies plan to further expand their resources and staffing, ensuring customers continue to benefit from their deep expertise and capabilities.


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