Ginesys to Invest in CASA Retail AI to power targeted personalised customer engagement


Ginesys announced a strategic investment of USD 10mn over the next 3 years, in CASA retail AI, to strengthen their customer data management and rewards capability.

The strategic investment will combine CASA’s omni-channel AI-driven customer retention and delight platform with Ginesys’s industry-leading end-to-end retail ERP, OMS and POS solutions to optimize attracting, retaining and rewarding consumers for 1200+ brands and retailers on Ginesys One. This will be the fourth major investment by Ginesys, after Browntape, Zwing and EaseMyGST towards strengthening their offerings across retail technology SaaS products. The investment will help Ginesys towards completing their unique retail technology suite, known as Ginesys One, with ERP, e-commerce order management, POS, customer relationship management and predictive analytics, business intelligence and GST returns.

CASA will use the investment to further build on their capabilities to provide better algorithms support and expand marketing of its AI-driven omni-channel brand customer engagement products.

Commenting on the partnership, Prashant Lohia, CEO and Founder, Ginesys said ” The year 2021 has accelerated the digital adoption for the sector with digital and in-store technologies used by retailers for smooth business continuity, better business outcomes and customer reach increase. Now it is important to understand that both, brick & mortar, and e-commerce retail have to work hand in hand in delivering value to consumers. A key aspect of omnichannel is keeping the customer happy both online and offline. Ginesys and CASA Retail AI partnership is all about building the best multichannel customer retention and delight platform in India.”

“CASA’s goal is to ensure the right set of consumers reach brand webstores and offline stores, helping these consumers find the products they need quickly and reward them for their brand loyalty. Our products work across verticals to ensure a very high level of customer conversion rates. A fluid omnichannel experience with Ginesys will lead to better consumer satisfaction and help in building long-term relationships across segments, thereby enabling brands to achieve their omni channel ambitions. ” Says, Sathiyanarayanan Vijayaraghavan, founder and CEO of CASA Retail AI.


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