Globus Infocom introduced Network Management Software Solution


Globus Infocom has launched a new product Network Management Software Solution for the corporates. It is a software which is user friendly and affordable network monitoring solution for enterprise application.This software will help in monitoring various devices at a same time and increase the productivity.

Globus’s Network Monitoring Software Solution which is a user-friendly, scalable and affordable network monitoring solution for enterprise application. It monitors and manages CPU, RAM, Storage, Temperature, Fan Speed, Power Supply, Server, Apps, IT Devices & Non-IT Devices. It helps in monitoring various devices in the network for different parameters including traffic, bandwidth utilization, uptime and downtime. To keep an eye on your network performance it offers a comprehensive analysis which ensures zero downtime operation of your network system. With its in-depth insights, you can reach to the core of an issue and eliminate it before it affects the overall operation of your system.

Globus Network Monitoring Software supports to augment your industrial network forward and avail greater convenience throughout the lifecycle of your network components. Result? You can manage your network components better, save time, effort and money that is otherwise spent in manual management.

Below mentioned are the few major benefits users can avail are:
• It offers detailed overview of WAN link latency, bandwidth utilization, round-up time, system logs from target devices, etc.
•  It collects traffic data using flow technologies and enable correlation in comprehensible format. For thorough analysis, it offers clear documentation and reports in compliance with standards.
• Provides with provision to configure custom thresholds as per users’ requirement, business (or non-business) hours and monitor device configurations.
• It maintains an audit trail of configuration changes along with detailed insights. It also generates alerts in case of configuration changes as and when it occurs.
• This solution is capable of integration with buyer server for alerts & notifications. It also allows to create custom maps using the available network devices so that the L2/L3 network connections between all selected devices are automatically created. Custom reports can also be exported to HTML, PDF, XLS and CSV file formats for versatility.


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