GOFRUGAL launches GoSecure solution to back-up data on a real time basis

Kumar Vembu, CEO of GOFRUGAL

GOFRUGAL, a Chennai based software product company founded by Kumar Vembu has established that 90 per cent of businesses such as retailers and distributors face a grave risk to their business due to their improper ways of managing the safety of their data. This study and the subsequent search for a viable remedy and a reliable solution has led GOFRUGAL to launch GoSecure solution to back-up data on a real time basis.

“Restoring the operations of a flourishing retail store won’t take more than 30 minutes depending on the size of the business,” said Anupama Kadambi, Chief Experience Officer at GOFRUGAL.

These businesses, like most others, erroneously equate data backup with manual copying of data on a pen drive or on a cloud account. Another significant challenge faced by businesses is constant database corruption, which can be attributed to power surges, improper shutdown, system crashes or hardware failures, and this is one of the major challenge to get this business running up again. For most of the small traders and chains, their IT back up has always been a constant challenge on time, need and priority. With increase in incidents and with rising threats of malware and ransomware attacks, business owners run an enormous risk of inconvenience, loss of business and reputation.

At the launch Kumar Vembu, CEO of GOFRUGAL, stated that he was concerned by the sufferings of his customers due to hard disk failure, database corruption and ransomware attacks. He felt the need to bring in the shift in responsibility from the customer side to the service provider, to provide 100 per cent business continuity, and assured uptime.

This first real time Back-up as a Service (BaaS ), Do It Yourself (DIY) tool automates the data backup process by completely syncing it online every 3 minutes. It also ensures a seamless restoring mechanism for businesses of any size to revive the data from the cloud in real-time.

Another significant danger was insiders stealing business data and a fact of 20 per cent of the respondents faced this misfortune, a study during our pilots to 2500 customers. To protect valuable business databases from unauthorized access, GOFRUGAL has launched a utility called GoSecure Private Key.

By doing away with default passwords, people-generated passwords, and risk of shared passwords, it involves a unique, machine-generated password known only to the systems for database access. Threat of data copying by current or ex-employees, service providers or hackers is completely eliminated by this solution.

“Recently, our entire network of billing systems based on the Windows 10 Server was hit by the 1809 Bug, which deleted many valuable files and put our accounting operation on a stand still. Thanks to GOFRUGAL’s GoSecure, we were able to restore the system without many hiccups. We are impressed by the value that GOFRUGAL is adding to our operations, and we look forward to continue working with them in future,” said Debapriya Basak, a Kolkata based boutique owner.

With India witnessing the world’s highest number of data breaches over the last two years and the average cost of a data breach rising nearly eight per cent year-on-year to Rs 11.9 crores ($1.7 million), there is a definite need for a solution to provide 100 % business continuity. The company would like to make the GoSecure platform available to other software companies for adoption over a period.


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