Google to skill 3,000 Singaporeans for shifting job market


Google has announced to skill 3,000 Singaporeans and permanent residents in partnership with several government agencies for changing technology and a shifting job market in the Covid-9 times.

Called ‘Skills Ignition SG’, the Grow with Google programme will have two elements.

One is a six-month vocational course for mid-career job seekers, designed to teach them skills in digital marketing and cloud technology and give them the chance to earn professional certificates recognised around the world.

“The second element is a ‘place and train’ programme, where participants will do three months of online training before moving on to six months of work experience with employers,” the tech giant said in a statement.

To kick-off the programme, Google will first offer 100 Singaporeans work experience with the company across a range of different roles.

“We’ll continue to open up new opportunities, and we’re asking more companies to join the programme and create job placements in their own workforce,” said Google.

Over the past few months, the company has given about $760,000 in and data center grants to local charities and NGOs, as well as providing $1.6 million in ads credits to small businesses and government agencies in the country.



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