HappyPlus consulting unveils ‘SENSE’ solution to address the resignation wave and connect organisations better with their employees


Combating the Great Resignation wave triggered due to the pandemic, HappyPlus, a prominent consulting company instilling the Happiness quotient into organisational cultures, has come up wit SENSE Solutions to address employee wellbeing and enable organisations to retain their teams better.

 A few wellness measures and analytics of employees are no longer the matrix to understand people in an organisation better. In the new normal, there is the need for renewed working frameworks. Research conducted by HappyPlus revealed that 8 out of 10 employees struggle with workplace stress even though they take high pride working in the organization and deliver higher performance. The study further highlighted there is no structural action taken to focus on employee wellness which leads to a major gap in retaining high potential talent.

 This is the real-age problem where SENSE Solution comes into picture. SENSE Solution helps organisations to navigate such challenges and sense different behaviours, individuals’ changing needs and enables HRs to unearth the dissatisfaction trigger point. It enables and empowers leadership, Managers and HR teams to proactively ACT on an individual basis and focus on the exact problem statement to solve.

 “This is the need of the hour and CEOS and CHROS should not overlook the employee satisfaction factors,” says Dr.Ashish Ambasta, founder-CEO, at HappyPlus Consulting “With appropriate behavioural-science baked data and analytics, leaders can take proactive actions & business-driven decisions to attract, retain and engage employees, and in turn, drive ROI,” he said.

SENSE Solution will not only uncover the hotspot, but it also enables managers with appropriate actions and guidance through  Guided Action planning and Daily action boosters.

Post pandemic, some interesting conversations with organizational leadership led us to a new discovery. The conversations revealed that:

  • Despite higher employee engagement at organization level, the attrition rate is also all time high.
  • 91% People feel their organization has been taking appropriate measures at the right times to deal with COVID-19, but still the continuous resignation of High potential people is the biggest concern.
  • It is observed that job stress is described as the detrimental physical and emotional responses that occur when a worker’s capabilities, resources, or needs do not match the job’s requirements.


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