HCL launches DRYiCE AEX, an AI-driven and automation-powered Digital Workplace solution


HCL Technologies, a leading global technology company, has launched HCL DRYiCE Software’s ‘AI-Driven and Automation-Powered Employee Experience’ (AEX), an end-to-end digital workplace solution that transforms employee experience and fosters productivity while optimizing costs through artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and self-help capabilities.

Enterprises have faced unprecedented workplace productivity and employee experience degradation due to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the early stages, these enterprises reacted to workplace transformation by deploying a myriad of solutions to rapidly get work-from-home initiatives off the ground. However, these solutions addressed only parts of workplace issues and required significant integration and customization efforts.

Now as the hybrid work environment becomes permanent, enterprises have recognized the value of long-term, sustainable digital workplace solutions to manage growing IT complexity, the always-on workplace, and spiralling service desk and operational costs. 

To address this customer demand, DRYiCE Software developed AEX, an end-to-end, integrated, out-of-box solution backed by 10 years of AI-led R&D and technical expertise. 

Now generally available globally, AEX automates user productivity with proactive monitoring and remediation, enables personalized anytime support, and pre-emptively resolves system and application issues through unassisted automation and self-heal mechanism. It simplifies the employee experience by fulfilling everyday IT and business service requests through a unified enterprise digital marketplace and a natural language processing-driven virtual assistant. Business stakeholders can drive valuable and actionable insights with user experience monitoring and reporting.   

With more than 50 out-of-box use cases, pre-configured customer-tested IT and business catalogues, and the flexibility to customize use cases on the go, AEX quickly delivers business value. The solution can integrate with standard service management tools to protect current investments. 

AEX enables enterprises to be digitally resilient, engaging, and ultimately more productive.


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