HCL to vaccinate 100% of its 350,000 India-based employees and their families


HCL, a global conglomerate, has announced that it has planned capacities for vaccinating 100 per cent of its India-based, eligible employees and their families with the first dose before June 30, 2021. HCL (including group companies HCL Technologies, HCL Infosystems and HCL Healthcare, and Shiv Nadar Foundation and its institutions) has already vaccinated more than 25 per cent of its eligible workforce with at least one dose. HCL is investing over INR 100 crores to ensure free vaccination services for employees and their families, as well as the third party vendor personnel working with the organisation. HCL plans to have administered approximately 700,000 doses (including two doses per person) by the end of the drive. 

To provide employees with a safe and convenient process for receiving the vaccination, HCL has enabled on-premises vaccination centers. It has been conducting vaccination drives since March 24, offering employees the opportunity to get inoculated at clinics managed by HCL Healthcare and at HCL’s campuses in Noida, Lucknow and Chennai. It is also in the process of making more centers operational in a phased manner. 

Apprao VV, Chief Human Resources Officer, HCL Technologies said, “At HCL we are taking all necessary initiatives to ensure the safe vaccination of employees and their family members as well as third party vendor personnel who have supported us in keeping our business running in these difficult times. With the ongoing pandemic, we believe that vaccination is possibly the strongest way to fight Covid-19. We are working round the clock to provide the best support to our employees and their families at every stage. Our top-most priority is to vaccinate all our employees and their families as quickly as possible and we have planned to achieve this goal by the end of June.” 


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