HCLTech launches strategic initiative with Google Cloud to scale Gemini to global enterprises


HCLTech announced an expanded alliance with Google Cloud to create industry solutions and drive business value with Gemini, its multimodal large language AI model. HCLTech will enable 25,000 engineers on Google Cloud’s latest GenAI technology to better support clients at every stage of their AI projects, including the development of new use cases and capabilities for HCLTech platforms and product offerings, and initially focusing on bringing gen AI capabilities to clients in manufacturing, healthcare, and telecom.

HCLTech recently launched HCLTech AI Force, a pre-built GenAI platform that optimises engineering lifecycle processes from planning through development, testing and maintenance. HCLTech will now enhance the HCLTech AI Force platform with Gemini’s advanced code completion and summarisation capabilities, which will allow engineers to generate code, remediate issues and accelerate the delivery time and quality of software projects for clients.

HCLTech will also use Gemini models to strengthen and expand the portfolio of industry solutions built out of its dedicated Cloud Native Labs and AI Labs, which focus on accelerating client innovation and are staffed by leading AI experts and engineers. Both labs will enable clients to better scope, manage and refine gen AI projects on Google Cloud’s infrastructure.

“HCLTech and Google Cloud have a long-standing strategic partnership. This collaboration will bring to market HCLTech’s innovative GenAI solutions using Google’s most capable and scalable Gemini models. We believe this helps us to bring even more value to global enterprises through HCLTech’s differentiated portfolio,” said C Vijayakumar, CEO & Managing Director, HCLTech.

“Gemini for Google Cloud can enhance many areas of enterprise work, such as helping developers build applications more quickly and improving how financial analysts report on their businesses,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud. “By enabling 25,000 engineers on Google Cloud’s latest generative AI technology, HCLTech can provide the expertise and technical skills that clients need to successfully deploy and manage gen AI projects at scale.”

HCLTech will be at Google Cloud Next 2024 in Las Vegas from April 9-11 at booth #410.


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