High severity cybersecurity threats facing organisations have surged by 50%: Kaspersky report


While companies are struggling to ensure the protection of their ever-complex IT infrastructures, adversaries won’t hesitate to capitalize on organizations’ cybersecurity gaps. According to the recent Managed Detection and Response analytics report from Kaspersky, the proportion of high severity cybersecurity incidents facing organizations has increased by 50% in the last year.

To help IT security workers deal with increased attack surface and complexity, Kaspersky presents the new edition of Endpoint Detection and Response Optimum. The updated version also gives users the opportunity to gain highly sought-after skills in incident investigation and response, and helps them handle their responsibilities under conditions of limited time and attention.

Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Optimum provides information to get up to speed really quickly. Apart from previously available YouTube video instructions, the product now offers a Guided Response section in the alert card where IT security specialists can access all the recommended steps for investigation and response.

In addition, Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Optimum contains integrated ‘quality of life improvements, such as Threat Intelligence file reputation in the alert card. Also, when a response is performed a special check will help avoid making a mistake and blocking a crucial OS file, which can lead to ruining the whole infrastructure.

File reputation from Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal is available directly in the console, allowing users to understand what files are good, malicious, or suspicious, and also see known or new threats in even faster and easier ways. It also shows information in which regions or countries the file was observed most frequently, and provides a link to the threat intelligence portal with additional information about the file.

“When our team was working on the Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Optimum enhancements, one of the goals was to make all the solutions’ capabilities accessible for all types of our users, even for those who are making their first steps in investigation and response,” comments Pavel Petrov, Senior Product Manager at Kaspersky. “We believe the new features will allow our customers not only to ensure the protection of their company against multiple types of threats, but also increase the EDR expertise of the internal IT security team.”

Mr. Dipesh Kaura, General Manager, Kaspersky (South Asia) explains”Cyberattacks have become more sophisticated, and many organizations need advanced security services to deal with this growing complexity in real time. With robust threat detection, quick reaction, and round-the-clock security monitoring, Kaspersky’s Optimum Security improves defenses against new, unknown, and evasive threats. The most recent version of Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Optimum offers simple investigation, automatic response, and advanced detection in one convenient package to safeguard your company from the most recent threats. Our latest Kaspersky EDR Optimum helps you build a solid defense in depth against complex contemporary threats. Kaspersky would continue to enhance the capabilities of our products through research and a data-driven approach. “

During the last year, Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response was repeatedly recognized for its outstanding protective capacity. The product has shown superb results according to various independent evaluations, including SE-labs, IDC, Radicati, and others.


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