Hitachi Vantara introduces Lumada Video Insights


Hitachi Vantara has introduced Lumada Video Insights, an end-to-end and adaptable suite of applications that delivers operational safety and business intelligence using IoT, video, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics. Lumada Video Insights is an integral part of Hitachi Vantara’s DataOps strategy, which redefines data management for the AI era by seamlessly connecting data consumers with data creators to rapidly monetize customers’ data.

Lumada Video Insights brings together Hitachi’s video offerings for smart spaces with new technology updates, innovations and integrations into Hitachi’s Lumada portfolio. The solution complements and extends the Lumada platform and services ecosystem with expanded AI, computer vision, advanced analytics, data integration and orchestration capabilities to help enterprise and industrial customers accelerate their IoT initiatives and cultivate their own smart spaces and ecosystems.

With multiple customer success stories and increasing demand, Lumada Video Insights demonstrates significant momentum in the emerging smart spaces industry. And when put together with DataOps, it unlocks new opportunities for customers to maximize the value of the vast amounts of data collected as IoT disrupts numerous industries worldwide.

With the capabilities to collect, store, manage and analyse video data, Lumada Video Insights delivers valuable analysis and alerts to help organizations be more effective, efficient and secure.

Advances in computer vision and machine learning have allowed video to be a rich source of insights that provide operational and customer experience intelligence, and real time-situational awareness and alerts to enable swift, effective and proactive responses to incidents, emergencies and customer issues. With Lumada Video Insights, customers can gather data insights to improve planning and identify opportunities for cost and waste reductions and factors to improve operational excellence.

Key features of Lumada Video Insights include:

  • IoT, video and historical data can be visualized geospatially and graphically in a single-pane-of-glass view
  • Video analytics turns existing or new video data into a insights and real-time alerts through AI analysis
  • Video data storage and management solutions that ensure rapid speed and high volumes of foundational data are available, complete and fault-tolerant while simplifying data management
  • Smart edge devices and video intelligence platforms that gather data and insights from anywhere
  • Mine publicly available data from social media or the deep web for open-source intelligence and awareness of brand-related conversations in target areas
  • Helps data-driven decision-making about safety, operations and customer experience.

Lumada Video Insights strengthens the Lumada portfolio of data-driven applications, which is further supported by Hitachi Vantara’s data integration, orchestration, storage and management offerings to provide end-to-end solutions and business value to customers around the world.

“Smart spaces innovation is a focus area for Hitachi Vantara as we continue to see a demand to use new and diverse sources of data blended with more traditional data to gain rich insights. With Lumada Video Insights and our focus on DataOps, we are excited to expand our work with public and private organizations to transform how retail, government and transportation use data-driven intelligence to innovate and achieve greater outcomes,” said Brad Surak, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Hitachi Vantara.


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