HORIBA partners with SigTuple to drive AI-powered digital microscopy


SigTuple leverages AI & robotics, to automate the error-prone and inefficient manual microscopic review of samples in laboratories. SigTuple’s AI100 is the premier solution for AI-assisted digital pathology. Its AI-based cell classification is presented to a pathologist on a cloud platform, standardising the quality and increasing the efficiency of the pathologist multifold. Further, showcasing the microscopic view of the slide remotely drives a seamless transition from manual microscopy to digital microscopy and enables telepathology.
AI100 is complementary to HORIBA’s existing product portfolio and through this partnership, HORIBA and its affiliates will distribute AI100 across the Indian subcontinent.

With a vision to replace the manual microscope in the laboratory, SigTuple’s AI100 currently automates the microscopic review of the two most common tests coming to the lab – peripheral blood smear and urine, with plans to add AI capabilities for more tests on the same platform.

“It is truly an honor for us to partner with the HORIBA India team. In a very short time, HORIBA has disrupted the market and emerged as a leader in the small-midsized lab and the high-end market – covering 10,000+ customers in the region. AI100 added to HORIBA’s existing portfolio, enables a complete automation solution to be offered to all labs. This partnership is a strong vote of confidence in the SigTuple team’s efforts over the last 7 years and will go a long way in driving the adoption of AI-powered digital cell morphology across the Indian subcontinent. This is also one of the first, if not the first, the instance of a global medical device major getting into a distribution partnership with an Indian start-up”, stated, Dr.Tathagato Rai Dastidar – Founder & CEO, SigTuple.

On the partnership, Dr. Rajeev Gautam, Corporate Officer, HORIBA Ltd., Japan & President, HORIBA India Pvt.Ltd., commented, “This strategic partnership will be built on the synergies of the complementary nature of products that SigTuple would be offering to further strengthen the HORIBA product basket. We are glad to optimize our market penetration and customer connect to make this partnership success in India and global markets”.

The peripheral blood smear review is a powerful and essential diagnostic tool that provides clinicians information about a variety of diseases such as blood-related cancers, anaemia, viral & bacterial infections, haematological disorders, and many other life-threatening medical conditions.

Currently, 99%+ labs in the region do this manually – being completely dependent on the availability of a skilled pathologist. AI100 not only standardises the reporting quality but by enabling telepathology, it allows pathologists sitting in one location to look at cases across the world!


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