How Carlsberg India tracked employee health during COVID-19


Carlsberg India operates 7 manufacturing units in different parts of India with over 1000 employees. Being India’s #1 choice of international beer, operations had to be quickly started post the lockdown. In March, 2020 when the country went into a lockdown, everything came to a standstill and in a few months everything had changed drastically. With news of COVID-19 spreading in various manufacturing set-ups such as one of the renowned plants at Waluj, the organization wanted to take all precautions before calling back its workforce.

From employee experience, the focus quickly shifted to keeping employees safe and secure. If operations had to resume, Carlsberg needed to ensure zero COVID-19 transmissions in the units. Along with these HCM changes, the HR technology also needed to extend its coverage to ensure employee health. It was at this juncture that PeopleStrong Alt came into the picture with a plausible solution.

With offices coming back to operations with partial strength, Carlsberg India wanted all employees to manage their COVID profiles on a centralized system which could be tracked by the HR team on a daily basis. It was also important to track not just employee’s heath profiles but also their families in order to be comprehensive.

In case of any symptoms in either employees or their families, medical assistance could be provided immediately.

While the employees were using Arogya Setu app, it didn’t capture the family details of the employee and neither did it focus on the ways of commuting. With these limitations in mind, Carlsberg leadership took a leap forward in creating an app that could integrate with Arogya app and track employee health on a daily basis with details such as their temperature, family details, area from where they commute, ways of commute and also travel and quarantine history.

With these questions being answered by the employees on a daily basis, the management could take agile decisions for the safety of the employees. Tracking minute details was crucial to the safety of employees, and therefore a need of an app that could track temperature, family details, area from where they commute, ways of commute and also travel and quarantine history.

The app was built on PeopleStrong Alt Builder as a part of their HRMS system, took less than 30 days to be developed and was deployed virtually without any hassles.

“With the COVID Health Management App, PeopleStrong helped us in laying a strong organisational culture and creating a sense of belongingness amongst employees while focusing on the employees wellbeing,” says Rajesh Kumar Singh, DGM-HR, Carlsberg India.

The app creates a risk profile for employees based on which the further action could be recommended. With operations coming in full swing, the system drove 90% adoption with every employee self-declaring their health status on a daily basis while entering into the office premise via mobile/ web.

This status was first validated at the security before entering the organizational premise.


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